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  • REVIEW: 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS Sedan

    REVIEW: 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS Sedan

    This week, I’ve got a beauty for you, the all-electric 2022 Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS.  This vehicle is a technological marvel in every sense of the way.

    The EQS models come as sedans and SUVs for those looking to drive electric.  I have already reviewed the SUV model and you can find that at the link below:

    Jerry's 2022 Mercedes-EQS 580 SUV Review →


    The AMG EQS has a dual motor setup powered by a 107.8-kilowatt lithium-ion battery that is putting out an amazing 649-horses, 700 foot-pounds of torque and it has 277-miles of range.  0-to-60 is just 3.4 seconds and it has rear-wheel steering which enhances handling.


    There are paddles on the wheel to adjust the recuperation.  I am a fan of strong recuperation which means as soon as you let off the gas pedal, the car starts to slow, and the friction from the brakes sends a charge to the battery to charge it.  You seldom have to use the actual brakes.


    I find the exterior to be very attractive, and it is extremely aerodynamic with the lowest co-efficiency of drag of any car made.  Of course, an open grill is not needed, and the hood does not open, but Mercedes technicians can access it.


    2022-mercedes-amg-profile-carpro.j22” wheels really set off the Nautical Blue exterior.  The lines of the car are sculpted, it has a swooping roofline, and a rear spoiler. The door handles pop out when you approach.


    The interior is simply amazing.  Heated, cooled, and massaging seats engulf you.  The heated steering wheel with controls feels really good and you can choose your drive mode from a round knob on the wheel.  There is another knob for individual configuration of chassis settings.


    Hit the start button and the real magic happens.  Across the entire dashboard from one side to the other, appears a continuous 56” digital display.  Even the front seat passenger has their own screen and controls.   

    The gauge cluster in front of the driver can be configured many different ways with all the info you could ever want.  I stay on the range screen pretty much all the time. 


    2022-mercedes-amg-steering-wheel-carpro.jAbove the center console is where you find the EQS settings screen to let you know about range and battery usage, Navigation, Bluetooth, radio, and what media you want to use.

    You can also hit the apps button, settings, comfort, performance, and track pace, which will only activate if you are actually at a racetrack and yes, the car knows if you are or not.


    The center console is made of beautiful wood.  There is also a shortcut menu there, and a black button that registers your fingerprint and puts all your personal settings in with just a touch.  Two people can register their settings by fingerprint.


    For rear seat occupants, there is a fold-down armrest, and an electronic control panel for rear seat heat and air.  There are USB-C ports for charging.

    The trunk area is very deep and large with underneath storage and a bag to carry your charger.


    Options-wise, if you can imagine it, this car has it.  You get a panoramic moonroof, surround view camera, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Burmeister sound system, a huge head-up display, a built-in dash cam, an air ionizer system, and a lot more.


    On the safety front, you get Driver Assist-the Mercedes semi self-driving system, blind-spot monitoring, lane change assist, parking assist, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

    You can just say “hey Mercedes” and ask the car questions or give commands.

    There is a noticeable lack of buttons and knobs in this car, I wish it had some for ease of use.  Even the moon roof has a finger slide-to-open function instead of a switch.

    Ride and Handling

    The ride and handling is fantastic, it is a very composed car and is amazingly quiet inside.  Acceleration is insane.

    What You'll Pay

    MSRP as equipped is $156,880 and fuel economy is rated at 77 MPGe.

    In a sign of 2022, there are credits on the window sticker for missing items that save microchips.  $1,350 for no heated rear seat and windshield and washer system.  There is $2,250 credited for the lack of self-closing doors.  Fully equipped, this EV would be north of $160,000.

    Charging Time

    Charging time at a Level 3 charger is 31 minutes to get an 80-percent charge.  A Level 2 like you’d install at home will take about 9 hours to 100%, and if you just use the charging cable and a 110 outlet, you only get 4 miles of range in an hour so I don’t recommend this method.


    Mercedes gives you free charging at Electrify America in 30-minute sessions.



    If you want pure luxury, amazing performance, and want to go electric, this car is nothing short of amazing.     

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    1. What I liked most:  Insane acceleration and stunning interior.
    2. What I would change:  I would trade some horsepower for more range.
    3. MSRP: Base price, $147,000, as equipped $156,880 with transportation.
    4. Fuel Economy: Rated 76 MPGe in town, 78 MPGe highway and 77 MPGe overall.
    5. Odometer reading when tested: 4,200 miles.
    6. Weight: 5,952 pounds.
    7. Spare Tire: None.
    8. Length-Width-Height: 207.3” long/83.7” wide/59.8” high.
    9. Fuel Tank Capacity: N/A. Charging port of passenger side.
    10. Official Color:   Nautical Blue.
    11. Towing Capacity: N/A.
    12. 2022 AMG EQS in a few words:  A beautiful luxury car with amazing technology, and incredible acceleration.

    13. Warranty: 4-year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper and 10-year, 155,000 mile battery warranty.
    14. Final Assembly Location: Sindelfigin, Germany.
    15. Manufacturer's website:  Mercedes-Benz