Why Choose CarPro?

We've carefully selected the best professionals in the industry, so your next car-buying adventure can be hassle-free and, dare we say, even enjoyable!

We believe that car buying should be a personal, transparent, and fair process.


We understand that many people step into dealerships feeling nervous and alone.

But with CarPro, we're here to link you up with a certified professional who genuinely cares about your interests, even before you set foot in the dealership. 

Imagine the benefits of forging a personal connection and leaving with a newfound relationship in the car industry that you'll be excited to share with your friends.

So, why go with CarPro?

Because we're on a mission to restore trust and transparency to car shopping—when you team up with a Certified CarPro, you can rest assured that your car-buying journey will be a positive one.

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Watch as our auto expert, Laura Reynolds, walks you through the meticulous process of vetting our certified CarPros. She'll also explain just how simple it is to connect with a certified, local CarPro right in your area – or one who can deliver to your driveway from anywhere in the country!

The CarPro Promise

Every CarPro must meet all of our standards to get certified and stay certified. The result? We guarantee superior customer service and an exceptional experience from the moment you walk in the door.

That’s our promise.

Customer reviewed.

Your CarPro must maintain a customer rating of at least 4 out of 5 stars.

Held accountable.

Your CarPro is expected to meet our established standards or they’ll lose their certification.

Personally vetted.

Your CarPro is hand-selected and personally interviewed by our team.

Tenured professional.

Your CarPro has the experience to swiftly navigate you through the car buying process.

Real people. Real reviews.

You'll be connected with a customer-reviewed expert.

Only the best of the best meet the standards for certification. As a CarPro customer, you get access to relationships we’ve been building in the car industry for over 20 years.

Why Work with a Certified CarPro?


  • Accountability: Customers hold CarPros accountable by providing honest feedback about their car-buying experience. Any review less than 5-stars is investigated. CarPros must maintain at least a 4-star average to keep their certification.

  • Expertise: CarPros must have a minimum of five years experience to be considered for certification.

  • White-Glove Service: CarPro-referred customers are prioritized and receive the VIP treatment!

Ready to Get Started?

Connect with a Certified CarPro near you.

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Our Process

What You Can Expect from Every Certified CarPro:

carpro mike shaw working with customer

1. Clear Communication

Have you ever felt misled or misinformed at a car dealership? Your CarPro provides open and clear communication.

2. Transparent Pricing

Buying a car shouldn’t be a negotiation game. Your CarPro provides you with upfront information about pricing and financing. Don’t get taken advantage of with questionable, old school tactics.

3. True Relationship

CarPros embrace the power of building relationships with their customers. Outstanding service strengthens their reputation and referral business, while you benefit from better customer service and insider information.

Our expertise—50+ combined years.

Get to know Jerry and Kevin, the hosts of the CarPro radio show.

Listen to the Radio Show

jerry reynolds carprousa radio show

Jerry Reynolds

From police officer to top-selling Ford dealer to on-air car expert, Jerry helms our weekly radio show. Since selling his dealerships in 2006, Jerry has pursued his top three passions: helping consumers have a great car buying experience, supporting the military and first responders, and being a loyal servant to his dog! While Jerry admits to hitting the pedal to the metal on test drives, it's all in the service of finding out just how fast he can go from 0 to 60.

kevin mccarthy carprousa radio show

Kevin McCarthy

An on-air radio/tv personality and car enthusiast since his teens, Kevin is a charter inductee into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and long-time Dallas Mavericks public address announcer. And he's one grateful man. He actually owns his dream car—a 2019 Jaguar F-Type. If he wasn't talking about cars with Jerry, he says he'd probably be doing a radio show in Cabo San Lucas. For his ultimate vacation, he says he'd settle for an over-the-water bungalow in Tahiti.