2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580


REVIEW: All-Electric 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 SUV

Written By: Jerry Reynolds | Nov 17, 2022 1:09:36 PM

This week, I am reviewing the all-electric 2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 SUV.  This is the most technologically advanced vehicle I have ever reviewed.

The EQS models come as sedans and SUVs for those looking to drive electric.


The EQS 580 is the most powerful electric SUV Mercedes makes.  It has a dual motor setup powered by a 400-kW lithium-ion battery that is putting out 540-horses and it has 285-miles of range.  0-to-60 is just 4.5 seconds and it has rear-wheel steering which enhances handling.  The rear wheels turn the opposite way of the front wheels.


I find the exterior to be attractive, yet it is very aerodynamic.  Of course, an open grill is not needed, but in a twist, the hood does not open. 21” wheels really set off the Alpine Grey exterior.  There is a small door on the left front fender that confused me for a moment.  It is where you add windshield wiper fluid since the hood doesn’t open.  The door handles pop out when you approach the vehicle.


The interior is simply amazing.  Quilted heated, cooled, and massaging seats engulf you and the pillowy headrests are heavenly.  I’ve never seen as many massage settings and you can even do a workout while driving, although I’m not sure that is a good idea.

2023-mercedes-benz-esq-front-seat-carproHit the start button and the real magic happens.  Across the entire dashboard from one side to the other, appears a continuous 56” digital display.  Even the front seat passenger has controls.  Cue up the Jetsons’ theme song.

2023-mercedes-benz-esq-digital display-carproThe gauge cluster in front of the driver can be configured many different ways with all the info you could ever want including range in miles and as a percentage of battery life left. 

Above the center console is where you find the EQ settings to let you know more detailed info about range and battery usage, Navigation, Bluetooth, radio, and what media you want to use.



A swipe to the left gives you apps, comfort, settings and more.  One more swipe takes you to the off-road page, and this SUV is all-wheel drive.  One cool feature I found in the setting was car wash mode.  The push of one button will immediately fold the mirrors in, close all the windows and moon roof, turn the rain sensor and rear wiper off, and a couple of other functions.

There are paddles on the steering wheel that will let you adjust the regenerative braking.  The friction from slowing down sends a charge to the battery.  On the strongest setting, you can essentially drive with just the gas pedal.  When you get good at it, it is really a joy.

In Comfort mode, there is an air quality monitor, and you can have a fragrance sprayed through the air vents every few minutes.  The perfume decanter is in the glove box and can be replaced.  Other drive modes are Eco, Off-Road, and my favorite, Sport.  In Sport, everything changes, especially acceleration, but it will also drain the battery much quicker.

2023-mercedes-benz-esq-stars-center-console-carproThe center console and door panels are beautiful wood with stars embedded into them, a nice touch.  There is also a shortcut menu there, and a black button that registers your fingerprint and puts all your personal settings in place.


Although optional, this version has a 3rd row seat, but only children would be comfortable in it. They fold so flat I almost missed them.

For second row occupants, there is a fold-down armrest, and a control panel for rear seat heat and air.  The 2nd row seats are power, heated and cooled and there are USB-C ports for charging.

There is a noticeable lack of buttons and knobs in this SUV, something I am not crazy about.  Even the moon roof has a finger slide-to-open function which is somewhat maddening, but I’m sure you’d get used to all this.


Cargo area is massive and there is storage underneath.  Second-row seats can be lowered with power buttons in the cargo area.  The tailgate works hands-free, or just hit the top of the Mercedes star to open it.


Options-wise, if you can imagine it, this SUV has it.  You get a panoramic moon roof, surround view camera, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Burmeister sound system, a huge head-up display, wireless headset for the front passenger if they want to listen to something different, and a lot more.

EQS also has voice recognition.  Just say “hey Mercedes” and tell it what you want it to do, like “hey Mercedes, change the radio channel to 99.5 FM HD2” and poof!  It’s done.



On the safety front, you get Driver Assist, the Mercedes semi-self-driving system, blind-spot monitoring, lane change assist, parking assist, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control.

Ride and Drive

The ride and handling is fantastic, it is a very composed SUV and is amazingly quiet inside.  Acceleration is insane and will take you to 60-miles per hours in just 4.5 seconds, a feat for a 6,200-pound SUV.


I only used the 110-outlet for charging and was surprised how fast the EQS charged.  If you have a Level 3 charger, you can get an 80% charge in just 31 minutes.


What You'll Pay

MSRP as equipped is $148,490 and it is hard to compare that to other SUVs since there really isn’t anything else similar.  If you want a large, all-electric SUV, this is the pinnacle in my opinion.

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  1. What I liked most:  The incredible interior, ride, drive, handling, and acceleration.
  2. What I would change: Give me a volume knob and a button for the moon roof.
  3. MSRP:  Base Price:  $125,950.  As equipped, S148,490.
  4. Fuel Economy:79 MPGe City/71 MPGe Highway/77 MPGe combined.
  5. Odometer reading when tested: 3,400 miles.
  6. Weight: 6,228 pounds/7,440 pound GVWR .
  7. Spare Tire: Inflator kit.
  8. Length-Width-Height: 201.8 ” long/84.9” wide/67.8” high.
  9. Fuel Tank Capacity: N/A-Charging port on rear passenger side.
  10. Official Color: Selenite Grey.
  11. Towing Capacity: 3,500 pounds.
  12. 2023 EQS 580 in a few words:  Pure luxury wrapped in a super-fast SUV that drives like a dream. 
  13. Warranty:  4-year/50,000 mile bumper-to-bumper with roadside assistance, and 10-year/155,000 mile warranty on the battery pack.
  14. Final Assembly Location:  Tuscaloosa, AL.
  15. Manufacturer's website:  Mercedes