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  • North Texas!  Find Out Your Car’s True Value This Saturday On WBAP

    North Texas! Find Out Your Car’s True Value This Saturday On WBAP

    My trusty sidekick is out of town this Saturday, so I am doing something that has become a tradition: giving you a chance to find out what your car is TRULY worth. 

    As you have heard me say, a car is worth whatever someone is willing to write a check for.  Trey Russell, the General Manager of Five Star Ford in Carrollton, will give you a solid bid, either as a trade-in OR he’ll buy it outright, regardless of make or model.


    Trey Russell, GM of Five Star Ford in Carrollton. Credit: Five Star Ford.

    We’ll need the make, model, year, and current mileage.  We need to know if the vehicle needs anything mechanically or cosmetically including tires, glass, interior damage, and if there has been previous damage on a history report.  I’ll ask you to rate the car from 1-5 with 5 being excellent condition.  It’s that simple, Trey will tell you what he’ll pay!

    Trey will be with me 9-11 AM this Saturday on WBAP 820 AM or 99.5 FM HD2.  We’ll also be taking normal questions and talking about the inventory shortages, and you’ll hear evidence of the sky-high used car market.

    This is a rare opportunity to see where you stand currently, and it is good info to have should your vehicle be totaled or stolen.  Call your lienholder in advance to get the payoff on your contract or lease contract, you’ll know instantly where you stand!

    The phone number to call is 800 288-WBAP or 800 288-9227 BUT CALL EARLY OR YOU WILL NOT GET IN.  Join us, this will be fun!

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