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    AAA: Driver’s Change Habits Due To Gas Prices

    If you've found yourself combining normally multiple errands into one trip or making other changes to your daily habits you aren't alone.  According to a new AAA study, high gas prices are prompting many drivers to make significant changes in order to cope with record pump prices. Researchers say almost two-thirds (64%) of U.S. adults have changed their driving habits or lifestyle since March, with 23% making “major changes.” 

    Driving less is the #1 change on the list, followed by combining errands. Third is cutting back on shopping and dining out.  Others are delaying vacations and big purchases. Saving less makes the list, too.    Check out the full AAA survey results below:

    aaa-gas-price-chartSource: AAA.

    AAA researchers say the study affirms the results of its previous study in March. At that time, over half (59%) of those surveyed said they would change their driving habits or lifestyle if the cost of gas rose to $4 per gallon. If gas were to reach $5.00, which it did in June, three-quarters said they would need to adjust their lifestyle to offset the spike at the pump. At that time, among Americans who said they would make changes in response to higher gas prices, a majority (80%) said they would opt to drive less. 

    AAA offers these tips to help ease pain at the pump:

    •  Keep your vehicle in top shape with routine inspections and in between, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Under inflated tires are a drag on fuel economy.
    • Map your route before you go to minimize unnecessary turnarounds and backtracking. Avoid peak traffic times and, if possible, go to “one-stop shops” where you can do multiple tasks (banking, shopping, etc.).
    • Fuel economy peaks at around 50 mph on most cars, then drops off as speeds increase. Reducing highway speeds by 5 to 10 mph can improve fuel economy by as much as 14%.
    • Only use premium gas in vehicles that recommend or require it. Paying for premium gas for a car that takes regular is a waste of money and is of no benefit to the vehicle. 
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    • To find the best gas price in your area, AAA suggests using the AAA Mobile App.

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