2025 Mazda CX-70 Premium Plus PHEV.  Photo: CarPro.


2025 Mazda CX-70 Premium Plus Plug-In Hybrid Review

Written By: Jerry Reynolds | Jun 10, 2024 3:43:09 PM

This week I am spending time behind the wheel of the all-new 2025 Mazda CX-70 PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle).  This is an all-new addition to the Mazda SUV lineup.

Let’s look at the direction of Mazda for a second.  As I’ve said on the Car Pro Radio Show many times, Mazda has been moving toward becoming a luxury brand for quite some time, and the CX-90 and this CX-70 are prime examples.  For years, Mazda was lumped in with the other Japanese brands like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.  Now little Mazda is trying to separate itself from the pack, and they are getting it done.  I first wondered if the CX-70 was actually needed?  It falls in line between the CX-50, also a 5-passenger SUV, and the new CX-90 with a 3rd row.  After having the CX-70, I’ve decided that yes, this is a welcome addition for sure.

Who is the buyer for this one?  Best guess, the people who do not need a third-row seat, but desire more second-row seat room and have a need or desire for more cargo area than usually found in midsized SUVs.  In other words, if the CX-50 isn’t roomy enough, but you don’t need that third-row seat, this is probably the one for you.  Could this be a Lexus RX rival?  I think quite possibly it could.


My review vehicle is the range-topping Premium Plus package.  The exterior appearance looks great with the signature Mazda grill, functional air vents to feed air to the engine, double stacked LED lights, and a sculpted hood.  As you head down the sides, there is black trim that runs over the wheels and along the bottom of the SUV that matches nicely with the mirrors, door handles, and roof rails. There is a tasteful emblem on the front fenders that announce it is a PHEV.  In a first for Mazda, there are 21” alloy wheels that look fantastic, and a rear spoiler.  I would have liked to have seen the spoiler but just a bit larger and the rear wiper tucked up under it, but that is just a quirk of mine that most do not share.


This CX-70 comes in a beautiful new color called Melting Copper and I just love it.  To be honest, they lost me by matching it to a red interior, but no doubt some will love it.  There are other interior color choices, and I’d have gone with the Greige interior (sort of tan), but as my radio listeners know, I am colorblind so the red might actually be OK!


Under the hood you find an inline 2.5-liter four cylinder that is mated to a 68 kWh motor that runs from a 17.8 kWh lithium-ion battery.  That setup is mated to an 8-speed automatic with shift paddles.  The end result of all this Skyactiv hybrid drivetrain technology is 323-horses and a strong 369 pound-feet of torque. In what I am seeing a lot with Mazda these days, the CX-70 upper lines come standard with all-wheel drive, but when not in AWD it operates as rear-wheel drive.  If you don’t feel the need for a plug-in hybrid, you can choose a traditional 3.3-liter inline six cylinder with a turbocharger.


As you open the door, you are struck by the beauty of the interior. The two-tone layout looks fantastic. Most impactful is beautiful leather material that runs from the soft-touch door panels and across the dash.  There is aluminum that adorns the door panels as well that looks very rich.  The dual heated and cooled power front seats are very comfortable and offer memory settings for the driver, and power lumbar support for both front occupants.  The seats are made of fine Nappa leather.

2025-mazda-cx-70-interior-2 (1)

As you hit the start button, a colorful and configurable 12.3” gauge cluster greets you.  It is easy to read and gives you a lot of information and has Mazda’s Active Driving display that works great and is quite useful.  The steering wheel is power tilt and telescoping and it is heated.  As you look up you see a large head-up display that features your speed and traffic sign recognition.


High center dash is a huge 12.3” infotainment screen that is not a touchscreen (unless you are using Apple CarPlay).  The screen is controlled from a round knob on the center console.  This is where you operate the navigation system, the 12-speaker Bose AM/FM/HD radio with Sirius XM.  This is also where you operate Alexa, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Bluetooth system, and Mazda Connected Services for real-time information.  There is also a 360-degree camera with amazing clarity.

The center console is covered in very attractive aluminum, houses a wireless phone charger, USB ports, two cupholders, hill descent control, and the electronic emergency brake.  Near the gear shifter is the chrome Mi-Drive bar to change drive modes which include sport, normal, EV, and off-road.  Each setting changes the steering, transmission shifts, and throttle behavior and the differences in the modes are distinctive.  Look up and you’ll see a massive power panoramic moon roof.


Moving to the second row, it is equally impressive with a large seat that would comfortably seat three adults.  Second-row occupants can control their own temperature, they have air vents, USB ports, and in the bottom of the console is a slide-out storage bin. There is a very soft armrest that folds down and houses two cup holders.  Finally, rear seat passengers can raise sunshades to keep the sun out.


Moving to the cargo area, this is where the CX-70 will win people over.  Behind the second row seat is 39.6-cubic feet of cargo, which is massive by today’s standards.  If you fold the second row down (which lays really flat by the way) you get 75.3-cubic feet of cargo.  For a frame of reference, the Cadillac Escalade only has 25.5-cubic feet of cargo area, and 72.9-cubic feet with the third row seat folded down.  The Lexus RX two-row is 29.6 and 46.2.  You can see the niche Mazda has carved out here.


There is a power liftgate that operates up and down quickly from the key fob, a button on the dash, or a button on the liftgate.  There is a 110-volt power outlet and also a 12-volt power source.  There are levers in the rear area to fold the second row seats down, and there is underneath storage to hide valuables.

Standard Equipment  

Everything we’ve talked about is standard equipment on this trim level. The only extra charge option on my tester is a $450 charge for the Melting Copper paint.



On the safety front, you get blind spot monitoring with vehicle exit warning, lane departure warning, driver attention alert, tire pressure monitoring, anti-theft engine immobilizer, burglar alarm, frontal emergency braking, rear pedestrian braking, a terrific front traffic alert, rear cross traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, front and rear parking sensors, and rear seat alert.

Ride and Drive

Driving impressions are impressive.  The ride is smooth, acceleration is terrific, and there is absolutely no body lean thanks to Kinematic Posture Control.  Steering feedback is poised and responsive. The interior is whisper quiet with no road noise or tire noise.

MSRP, eMPG, Range & Charging

MSRP on this super loaded vehicle is $59,275.  Fuel economy is simply outstanding!  While there is battery range, you are getting 56-MPGe.  When the battery runs out, it drops back to 25-miles per gallon combined city and highway.


Range on all-electric is 26-miles, which is really good for an SUV this size.  That means if you have a fewer than 10-mile one way daily commute, you won’t see a gas station until you go elsewhere, farther away, but you can go across the country if you wish with zero range anxiety.

2024-mazda-cx-70-mpg-carpro (1)

Charging times are impressive, too.  Even with just a standard home outlet, you can get a full charge in just a little over six and half hours.  If you have a Level 2 charger like the one I installed, you’ll have full range in just an hour and a half.


If you look at and drive the CX-70, you’ll realize this is a true luxury SUV, even though it is a Mazda.  They knocked the ball out of the park with this one, and they priced it well for an extremely roomy SUV that gets great mileage and will tow 3,500 pounds.

  1. What I Liked Most:  The interior, the fuel economy, the price, and I love the way it looks on the exterior. 

  2. What I would change: :  I wouldn’t change a thing.    

  3. MSRP: Base Price $57,450; Total MSRP $59275 with transportation.

  4. Fuel Economy: Rated at 56 MPGe combined gas and electric, 25 combined city and highway on all-gasoline.

  5. Odometer reading when tested:  1,200 miles.
  6. Length-Width-Height: 201” long/78” wide/68.” high.

  7. Spare Tire:  Compact Temporary Spare.
  9. Fuel Tank Capacity: 18.5 gallons with the filler on the driver’s side, charging port is near the rear on the passenger side. 

  10. Official Color: Melting Copper.
  11. Towing Capacity:  3,500 pounds.

  12. 2024 CX-70 PHEV in a few words:  A terrific, roomy, mid-sized 2-row SUV with everything you could possibly want in a luxury SUV.

  13. Warranty: 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper, 5-year/60,000-mile power train warranty with roadside assistance, 8-year/100,000 miles on the hybrid battery.

  14. Final Assembly Location:  Hofu, Japan.
  15. Manufacturers website:  Mazda
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