2024 Fiat 500e. Credit: CarPro.


2024 Fiat 500e Review

Written By: Jerry Reynolds | Jul 2, 2024 9:57:49 AM

I always shoot you straight, whether it be on my radio show, in the free weekly newsletter, or in car reviews.  So, I will admit to absolutely dreading doing a review of the 2024 Fiat 500e all-electric.  I didn’t find it overly attractive and driving a vehicle with a mere 117-horsepower gives me a bit of a tummy ache.  However, I put my big boy britches on and looked for the positives in this little Italian-made coupe.  As it turns out, it wasn’t that hard once I put everything into perspective.

2024-fiat-500e-exteriors-3 (1)

This is not a car for everyone, BUT if you need a car for just city driving and you are tired of high gas prices, this may be a good choice.  This is the first all-electric from Stelllantis that we've seen in America and more will be coming. If you are watching your carbon footprint, it’s the lightest weight electric available at this time.  The thing the Fiat people are smartly stressing is its usefulness as city car for EV lovers, and likely a second car for most.  I give them credit for not trying to make the little Fiat something it’s not.

As I mentioned, the Fiat 500e puts out 117-horses with 162 pound-feet of torque.  While both numbers are low by most standards, you have to remember that with electric cars, you get instant power, and this one feels way more powerful than the numbers imply.  It is not a leader in the range category either, to be honest, but you can get 162-miles out of it from an 85-kW battery.


The gasoline-powered 500s are gone except for some straggler 2023 models.  All the 2024s are all-electric, and you can choose from three trim levels: The  Inspi-Red which is really Red on the outside and the least expensive model,  the 500e Inspired By Music with JBL Virtual Venues, sound settings that emulate four different venues selected by opera maestro Andrea Bocelli, from his music room to an open-air arena.  Lastly, the one I have which is the 500e Inspired By Beauty, which features the Rose Gold exterior color and eco-leather seats.  The two latter models add $3,500 to the MSRP.


As you enter the cabin, the seats are comfortable and it takes you a minute to realize that FIAT is emblazoned on the fairly-bolstered seats.  A two-tone flat-bottomed steering wheel looks awesome, and it feels really good to grip. I really like the materials used throughout the cabin, they are modern and although there is a lot of plastic, it doesn’t look cheap by any stretch.  The oval gauge cluster is easy to read, has a big digital speedometer in the middle, and it will display the battery range and percentage of battery you have used. Below the center screen are pushbuttons to operate the transmission.

2024-fiat-500e-interiors-2 (1)

Between the seats is a console with the emergency brake, stereo volume, and you can change the drive modes from normal, range, and sherpa.  I like range mode because I like one-pedal driving when behind the wheel of an electric.  I had to look up sherpa mode, that is a new word for me, and it helps optimize your range by delivering smoother and lower responsiveness than that of the other modes. It also automatically turns off climate control features and other vehicle auxiliary equipment to help manage energy output. You can always turn them back on based on your environment.  There is a comfortable armrest above the center console.

2025-fiat-500e-interiors-3-seats-carpro (1)


The 500e really does have a lot of technology features.  You get Fiat Connect with Uconnect 5 navigation and a 10.25-inch high-definition touchscreen that serves as the technology hub.  It features Integrated Voice Command with wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, and Alexa built-in wireless integration.  I am a big fan of the Uconnect 5 system in all Stellantis products.  Everything is lightning quick and easy to understand.

2024-fiat-500e-multimedia-screens-carpro (1)

There is an electric car page so you can do a deep dive into the power flow and range, you can hook your cellphone to Bluetooth, activate a Wi-Fi hotspot, see real-time weather in your area, read tutorials, and this is the first EV I remember that has AM radio and I thank the Italians for that!

Ride and Drive

I was surprised by how well it drove and handled, but my expectations were unjustly low.  Again, for city driving it’s zippy and extremely easy to maneuver, park, and U-turns are a breeze.  Back seat room is limited for adults, but a couple of kids would be comfortable back there.  Cargo area is pretty good at 7.5-cubic feet and there is additional storage below to keep valuables and your home charging cord.

Standard Equipment

There are no options on my test vehicle.  It comes standard with keyless entry, push button start, LED headlights and taillights, Level 2 autonomous driving system, electronic stability control, a wireless charging pad on the console, and a very clear rear camera.


On the safety front, you get ParkSense with front, rear, and side park assist, blind spot and cross path detection, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, adaptive cruise control, seven airbags, lane departure warning, and drowsy driver detection.


Let’s talk charging times.  Since the 500e doesn’t have a huge battery, charging times are quicker than most EVs.  With a Level 2 charger like I have at home, charges 0-100% takes roughly 5 hours.  With a fast charger, you can get a full charge in about an hour. Depending on the kilowatts of the station, it can charge the car from 0-80% in about 35 minutes.

2025-fiat-500e-charging-battery-level (1)

Fiat covers you for charging.  At no cost you can choose either the Free2move Charge Home or Go package. The Free2move Charge Home Package includes a 40-amp Level 2 charger (up to 9.6 kilowatts).  This Level 2 charger provides up to 30 miles of range per hour of charging. The wall unit must be professionally installed for an additional cost. If you already have a Level 2 charging station or don’t need one at home, you can choose the Free2move Charge Go package with $600 charging credits for public charging stations across the country.


Fuel economy in the terms of MPGe is 121 city and 100 highway, which is impressive.  MSRP on this electric car is $37,595 with transportation, which is less than any electric equipped like this I have reviewed.  It does not qualify for the $7,500 federal rebate, but a lot of states and counties do have funds available for the 500e.  I will also add that there are currently hefty rebates, and some smoking lease deals.


I admit I was a little hasty with my impression of this car.  Once you put it in perspective that this car is a commuter car, suddenly it starts to look like a good value.  I still say it’s not for everyone, but I believe Stellantis saw a hole in the electric vehicle lineup in America and filled it.  If I have a warning, it is resale value which is historically low on Fiats, and of late, resale on electrics as a whole is dropping like a rock.  If you decide to get one of these, look hard at leasing.

  • What I Liked Most:  The interior and the ride and drive. 
  • What I would change:  As a commuter car, nothing.      
  • MSRP: Base Price $36,000 Total MSRP $37,595 with transportation.
  • Fuel Economy: 121 MPGe city/100 MPGe highway.
  • Odometer reading when tested: 200 miles.
  • Weight: 2,981 pounds.
  • Spare tire:  Repair and inflator kit. 
  • Length-Width-Height:143” long/66.3” wide/60.” high.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:  Charging port on the rear passenger side.
  • Towing Capacity:  N/A.
  • Official Color:  Rose Gold.
  • 2024 500e in a few words: If you have a short commute and want a low cost EV, put this one on your list shopping list.
  • Warranty: 4-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper, 8-year/100,000 mile on electrical components.
  • Final Assembly Location:  Turin, Italy.
  • Manufacturer's website: Fiat

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