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    2022 Range Rover SV LWB Is The Pinnacle Of $200K+ Luxury

    This week I bring you the largest, most expensive Range Rover ever built, the Range Rover SV.  SV stands for Special Vehicle, and boy is it ever!  My test model is the long wheelbase version and is really designed to have a driver, sort of like a limousine SUV.


    Let’s start under the hood where you’ll find a BMW-based 4.4-liter V8 with twin turbochargers.  It is producing 523-horses and 553-pound feet of torque and it will take you to 155-miles per hour and it will also tow 8,000 pounds.


    The exterior is stunning in Icy White with a bronze colored roof, 23” wheels, a new grill for 2022, all-new headlights and an entirely new rear look also sporting new LED lights, and a spoiler.  2022-range-rover-sv-lwb-profilejOn the tailgate there is a bronze stripe that runs horizontally across it, and on the front door, a large bronze and brushed aluminum SV applique.


    As you sit behind the steering wheel that is heated and has a lot of controls, the gauge cluster lights up and can be changed to several different configurations, including putting the entire navigation screen up.  As you look through the windshield, you’ll see a large, easy to read head-up display with traffic sign recognition.

    The front seats are incredibly comfortable with 24 different adjustments to make it feel best for you.  They are heated and cooled, and they will massage you in many ways, including a hot stone massage that feels pretty wonderful.

    High on the center dash is a 13.1” touchscreen that operates almost everything, including the wonderful Meridian Sound System, navigation system, seat controls, cameras with cross-traffic alert and 360-degree views.  You also set up your cellphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, voice activation, Alexa, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a neat feature I’ve never seen:  a button to monitor air quality inside and outside the vehicle.

    The center console is pretty simple with storage that is covered and right under the air conditioning controls.  There is a beautiful white ceramic gear shifter, the start button, volume control, and the Terrain Management system for off-roading.  There is a refrigerator under the armrest that will hold about 4 bottled waters or canned drinks.

    The magic begins in the back seat.  For $19,700 you get the Signature Suite Executive rear seat configuration.  Essentially there are two captain chairs and a huge center console between them.  The seats electronically recline and have power footrests that you can use.  The seats are also heated, cooled, and massaging.  On the back of the front headrest are large monitors that can be used for any streaming devices.

    On the rear center console, there is a built-in controller screen to operate the seat functions, climate controls, lighting, the power side window screens, and you can control the power sliding moon roof.  There are two cupholders that rise out of the center console, and push another button and a table rises out of the center, much like an airplane table tray for food or your laptop.  Behind that is yet another refrigerator, this one is tall enough to accommodate a bottle of champagne and two glasses.  Let me just say, if you are a back seat occupant, you’ll have everything you need for a great ride.

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    This configuration does not have a third-row seat so the second-row seats can lean back farther.  If you want a third-row, it is available, but not with the Signature Suite Executive package.  The cargo area is huge and has a dual power tailgate.  It has a short tailgate that folds down, and a large one that folds up.

    This one also has the Tailgate Event Suite seating.  It’s pretty cool and it turns the tailgate into a nice place to sit.  Here is a good video to show how simple it is:


    As you would expect, this Rover comes loaded with every safety feature I can think of including emergency braking, lane keep assist, front and rear parking assist, and adaptive cruise control, and a lot more.

    This SUV, as equipped is not for everyone, although it is awesome.  Personally, as someone who has owned a dozen or so Rovers through the years, I would consider waiting on the Range Rover Sport.  This version is really big and if you don’t need that much room, the Sport should be much less money, but still a wonderful SUV.

    Ride And Drive

    My tester drives and rides great, has amazing off-road capability, and is as luxurious as the Rolls-Royce and Bentley SUVs I’ve reviewed.

    Gas mileage is not great, big surprise.  It is rated at 13 city and 19 highway, although I got around 22 on the highway when I was behaving.

    A bit of a disclaimer:  This vehicle did not come with a Monroney sticker like normal, so I had to build it on the Land Rover website and my MSRP may be off one way or the other by a few thousand dollars.  I calculate MSRP on this one to be right around $220,000, but who is counting?


    I love Rovers, that is no secret.  Few will want this exact package, but even if not, the 2022 Range Rover is an exceptional SUV.

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    1. What I Liked Most: The interior luxury and very cool features.
    2. What I would change: If you have a driver, this is the pinnacle.
    3. MSRP:  Approximately $220,000.
    4. Fuel Economy: Rated at 13 City/19 highway, actually doing better.
    5. Odometer reading when tested:  6,300 miles.
    6. Weight:  5,850 pounds.
    7. Spare Tire:  Full-Sized spare.
    8. Length-Width-Height: 207.4” long/87.4” wide/73.5” high.
    9. Fuel Tank Capacity: 27.5 gallons with the fuel filler on the passenger's side.
    10. Towing Capacity: 8,000 pounds.
    11. Official Color:  Icy White with a Bronze roof and accents.
    12. 2022 Range Rover SV:  Amazing luxury in an incredible SUV that drives great and has a ton of power and capability.
    13. Warranty: 4-year/60,000 mile bumper-to-bumper, with roadside assistance.
    14. Final Assembly Location: Solihull, England.
    15. Manufacturer's website: Land Rover