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  • Our Tribute To The Heroes and Victims of September 11, 2001

    Our Tribute To The Heroes and Victims of September 11, 2001

    Saturday, September 9th, for the 22nd time in a row, we played our Tribute to the Heroes and victims of that horrible day, 9/11/01.

    Yearly, I am inundated with requests to post the audio.  We recount the time before the first plane hit the tower, then all the events leading up to the fall of the Twin Towers.

    We cap it off with a musical version of me teaching my nephew Connor, who was three years old, (now 25) the Pledge of Allegiance with the help of the incomparable Lee Greenwood.

    I hope you enjoy this tribute.  I vowed that as long as I was on the air, we would play this every year, on or near September 11, in hopes that people would never forget the darkest day in America’s history, the day we lost our innocence.

    If you listen to the CarPro Show, you heard it this past Saturday, but if you want to hear it in advance, or share it with someone you know or love, here is the audio.  Bear in mind, some of the timelines we talk about will be off a little, but the events of that day are accurate and chilling:

    A faithful listener wrote this and sent it to me 19 years ago, the day after the worst day in American history, and I wanted to share it with everyone.

    Silence To The Heavens

    As I looked toward the heavens – the sky was sad last night
    There were no sounds of aircraft – the stars were not as bright
    I walked around my plat of land – my mind wondered far away
    To a place of tragedy – where carnage came today

    The date was Nine Eleven – the year Two-Thousand One
    The terror felt in America – violated our known freedom
    Many of us wondered – “Where do we go from here?”
    But our undying spirit – will never be more dear

    The madness of our enemy – we never can forget
    But we need to find forgiveness – there is a way….and yet,
    We must not permit their laughing cheers – to fill us with such rage
    Or we will lose our nation’s strength – as it knows no age

    Another morning dawns now – and we all begin again
    To persevere, yet express our pain – at this unpardonable sin
    We must support our country’s leaders – put political differences aside
    This heartbreak affects America – and there’s no place we can hide

    Let’s not forget our heroes – who gave their lives that day
    From airline crews to passengers – and those who came to aid
    The human lives imprisoned within – World Trade Center and Pentagon
    They will forever be remembered – as our lives continue on

    We may never have all the answers – to this senseless desecration
    But we surely can give of ourselves – and offer consolation
    The wound is deep, the healing long – so remember Nine Eleven
    For on this day, the aftermath, brought Silence To The Heavens.

    M. Clary
    Fairview, TX
    September 12, 2001


    Photo Credit:   Minghong Xia/Shutterstock.com and Keith Burke/Shutterstock.com.