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  • Holiday Gift Ideas: Two Items I Can't Live Without

    Holiday Gift Ideas: Two Items I Can't Live Without

    Christmas is roughly two weeks away! If you're looking for some gift ideas,  Mopar has a list of holiday gift ideas you can find here.  I also thought I'd share two ideas of my own, they are two items I can't live without.



    Bissell Garage Pro wet/dry wall mounted vacuum

    jerrys-garage-pro-bissell-vaccumThe first one is my Bissell Garage Pro wet/dry wall mounted vacuum.  I had it mounted just inside my overhead garage door opening.  It comes with 7 attachments, a 4-gallon tank, and a 30-foot flexible hose that is easy to roll up.  I can vacuum both the cars in my garage and my review car sitting in the driveway without moving a car.  Car washes frustrated me for years with their lack of attention to vacuuming.  So, my Sunday routine is to vacuum all my cars, then take any dirty cars to the car wash for an exterior only wash.  The Bissell also works as a blower to keep the garage clean.

    Currently on Amazon, the price is $226.59 and free delivery:





    Halo Bolt Air 58830 mWh portable emergency power kit

    The second must-have item for is my Halo Bolt Air 58830 mWh portable emergency power kit with tire pump, interchangeable air nozzles, car jump starter, and car charger.

    I have used this device for jump starting cars, for airing up tires, but the lifesaver for me was this past February, when an ice storm in Dallas caused me to lose electricity at my house for five days, except for one small time period of a few hours.

    This was when my Halo Bolt saved me.  In my business, without a computer and cell phone, I am dead in the water.  I was reviewing a Dodge Durango Hellcat that week, and it had a 110-volt power outlet in the back seat:


    I would charge the Halo from the Durango and bring it in the house to power my computer and cell phone, even make coffee.  It would power everything for 8-10 hours without recharging.

    This little 2 ½ pound device truly was a lifesaver for me and I would recommend every household have one.


    I chronicled my adventure for the newsletter, and you can read it here.

    Right now on Zagg.com, you can buy this amazing little device for $99.99:


    Photo Credit:  rangizzz/Shutterstock.com