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  • The CarPro Show Takes First In TAWA Radio Category

    The CarPro Show Takes First In TAWA Radio Category

    Every year, the Texas Auto Writers Association accepts entries from automotive press members in a number of categories, one of which is the radio category. 

    For 2022, the CarPro Show won 1st place for Radio.  We are proud and humbled to win this award.

    For the contest I entered a The Car Pro Unplugged segment, discussing dealers charging over MSRP and the free market.

    We have won first place a couple of times in previous years, took second and third a few times, but I am especially proud because I put a lot of thought into my true feelings about manufacturer overreach into the business of their franchise holders.  Automakers only have one customer:  their dealers. They should make life easier, not harder, and the free market system will always prevail.


    "Jerry took on the unpopular topic of car dealers charging over window sticker price for short-in-supply cars, and he challenged Ford and General Motors for threatening their dealers instead of letting the free market set prices."

    -TAWA Press Release


    You can listen it to the Car Pro Unplugged segment and read the transcript by clicking here →


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