2024 Toyota Tundra 1794 Limited Edition. Photo: CarPro.


Toyota Unveils New 2024 Tundra 1794 Limited Edition

Written By: Amy Plemons | Oct 5, 2023 3:33:18 PM

Toyota is introducing one of its most luxurious pickups in memory -  the new 2024 Tundra 1794 LIMITED EDITION. By luxurious I mean a show-stopping ultra premium leather interior and by limited I mean just 1,500 will be built. 

Toyota debuted the Tundra 1794 Limited Edition last week at the State Fair of Texas during Texas Auto Show media day, where I checked it out firsthand.

2024-toyota-tundra-1794-edition-state-fair-11-carpro (1)

First let's talk about the leather interior which is incredible. Toyota teamed up with the Texas-based Saddleback Leather Company to design it. And I'd certainly call the collaboration a success.  The exceptionally crafted leather looks and feels amazing. And check out the seat back pockets!  

(I also had the fortune to check the limited editions out again at a different event the following day, so here are some more interior pics:)


Along with the abundance of leather, there is plenty of 1794 badging in the cabin to go with it. It's on the floor mats, seat headrests, and on the dash  an embossed label marks the truck as one of 1,500.

Also, if you're one of the 1,500 folks who buys one of these, you'll also get a matching set of leather accessories (including a large overnight bag you see pictured below) also designed by the Saddleback Leather Company.


The 1794 Limited Edition isn't just about the exceptional interior. It also features a unique exterior and enhanced off-roading capability.

Based on the 1794 Tundra grade, the 1794 Limited Edition is equipped with a Crew Max cab, 5.5-foot bed, four-wheel drive, and the I-FORCE Max 437-horsepower powertrain as standard.

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It also adds some off-road enhancements including an upgraded FOX suspension, a 1.1-inch lift and an off-road inspired wheel and tire combination.   

The 1794 Limited Edition's exterior features a dark chrome grille, body side moldings and blacked-out accents. In back it's equipped with a unique stamped tailgate. It will be available in colors Wind Chill Pearl, Midnight Black Metallic, Blueprint and Smoked Mesquite.

The 2024 Tundra 1794 Limited Edition is due in dealerships spring of 2024.