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  • The End Of The Month Is Here!  It’s Bargain Time.

    The End Of The Month Is Here!  It’s Bargain Time.

    By the calendar, Friday is the next to the last day of April and if by chance you can get to a Car Pro Certified Dealer by Saturday that would be beneficial.  Dealers are always eager to put deals together on the last day of the month, especially when it falls on a Saturday.

    However, if you cannot, most, if not all of the April incentives go through Monday night.  The automakers will tally sales Monday and then make May incentive decisions.

    Prediction:  The incentives will go down on many vehicles.  Inventories are short in supply and they just aren’t needed.

    Remember too, used car values are sky high if you have a trade-in, and don’t take my word for that.  Read this excerpt from this last week’s newsletter:

    “Used car prices are up 30.4 percent over last year as the microchip shortage continues to impact the automotive industry, according to iSeeCars.com’s latest analysis of 1.8 million used car sales in March.” 

    If you’ve listened to my radio show in the past few weeks, those words should sound familiar.

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