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  • Subaru Celebrates Annual National Make A Dog’s Day This Month

    Subaru Celebrates Annual National Make A Dog’s Day This Month

    We're huge animal lovers here at the Car Pro and of the October Subaru Loves Pets initiative.  It's Subaru's annual nationwide campaign held every year to help animals in need, with a special emphasis on hard-to-adopt shelter dogs. During October, more than 600 Subaru retailers will be hosting adoption events.  Last year, the campaign found homes for more than 22,000 pets. Subaru will also celebrate man's best friend this month with its third annual National Make A Dog's Day on October 22. Subaru says it's a day dedicated to making all dogs feel loved and cared for. Subaru invites dog owners to do something special for their beloved canine on October 22 and share their happy dog on social media using #MakeADogsDay.


    Throughout this year's campaign, Subaru will again champion special needs, hard-to-adopt shelter dogs— ones Subaru refers to as the "Underdogs". These are dogs that are older and are deaf, blind and "different".  Subaru will run an ad campaign featuring "Underdogs," highlighting the quirks that make these dogs special.

    "Pets add so much joy to our lives, and in October Subaru dedicates the month to returning that love to our furry friends at home, as well as shelter pets in need of loving homes," said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. "We encourage anyone looking to welcome a pet into their family to consider adopting an "Underdog" this month. And if you can't adopt at this time, we invite you to donate to a local shelter or do something special for a dog in your life."


    Photo Credit: Subaru.

    Subaru says more than 600 of its retailers will host in-person or virtual adoption events throughout the month of October. Participating Subaru retailers will donate $100 to partnering shelters for every pet adopted at these events.

    In 2020, Subaru says its nationwide Subaru Loves Pets initiative resulted in 22,961 animal adoptions, with 16 percent of reported adoptions classified as dogs with special needs. Subaru is also donating $10 to the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) for each Genuine Subaru Pet-Friendly Accessory purchased through a retailer's Subaru Parts Online website throughout the month of October. These accessories include items such as pet harnesses, travel bowls, padded cargo liners and seat protectors. 

    Later this month, Subaru will honored as an ASPCA Corporate Compassion Award winner.  The award honors the automaker's dedication to animal welfare. The event takes place virtually October 13.  Through the Subaru Loves Pets initiative, Subaru says it's proud to have supported the rescue and adoption of more than 250,000 animals nationwide. Subaru also says it has donated more than $30 million to the ASPCA to support the organization's lifesaving work, making it the organization' largest corporate donor.

    For more information about Subaru Loves Pets, click here and follow #SubaruLovesPet and #MakeADogsDay.

    Photo Credit: Subaru