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  • States With The Rudest Drivers

    States With The Rudest Drivers

    Wonder where your state falls when it comes to rude drivers? To find out, we turn to a new study from Insurify that lists the 10 states with the rudest drivers. The top two spots go to East Coast cities with Virginia ranking number one on the list for the second straight year followed by Delaware.  Neither Texas or California make the top ten list.

    The study defines rude drivers as those who ignore driving decorum and disregard the rules of the road. It's not just rude, it's also dangerous.   Insurify lists the biggest violations as failure to yield violations, either yielding to the right of way or to a pedestrian, failure to stop violations (failure to stop for a red light, school bus, or stop sign), improper backing, passing where prohibited, as well as tailgating, street racing, and hit-and-runs.  The most common violation is running red lights.

    Here's a look at the list compiled by Insurify's data scientists. You can also check out a map that shows rude driving behavior by state.

    The study lists these additional takeaways:

    • National average. The average share of drivers with “rude” infractions on their record in the United States is 25.90 per 1,000 drivers. Among the 10 states with the rudest drivers, the average share of rude drivers is 46 percent higher, at 37.88 per 1,000 drivers.
    • Rude, repeatedly. Eight of the ten states in the rankings in 2021 maintained their position within the list of states with the rudest drivers in 2020.  
    • Pull out the stops. Failing to stop at a red light is the most common rude violation, while street racing is the least common, which occurs 99 percent less frequently. However, among the eight of the top ten states with the rudest drivers, the most common rude violation is failure to stop at a stop sign.
    • Nice drivers finish last. The states who came in last place, with the lowest share of rude drivers, otherwise known as the nicest driving states, are Kentucky, Mississippi, and Maine. The rate of rude drivers in these three states is 10.01 per 1,00014.15 per 1,000, and 14.61 per 1,000, respectively.

    Source: Insurify

    Insurify also looked at the cities in each state with the rudest drivers. They include:

    • Texas: Copperas Cove
      • Drivers cited for rude behavior: 30.79 per 1,000 (53% ruder than state average)
    • California: Rancho Cordova
      • Drivers cited for rude behavior: 65.37 per 1,000 (62% ruder than state average)

    Find the complete list of states and cities here.

    To read more about aggressive driving from the AAA Foundation of Traffic Safety click here.

    Photo Credit: By perfectlab/Shutterstock.com