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  • 2023 President's Day Car Sales

    2023 President's Day Car Sales

    Automakers, mattress stores, and car dealers always look for a reason to have a sale, and President’s Day is no exception.  It is not uncommon to see a short-term spike in factory incentives during holidays like the one coming up this Monday.  Usually when this happens, incentives go up on the Friday before the holiday, and last until the Tuesday afterward.

    Shopping For A Car President's Day Weekend

    Car dealers always gear up to sell cars on holidays, even with the chip shortages. When a lot of people are off work, they tend to shop for a new car.  In the Texas market, Truck Month has now kicked off for Ford and Ram, so we have already seen truck incentives go up as the other truck makers match the rebates.

    Although President’s Day is not a major holiday, all the holiday rules apply; a volume mindset that means lower prices, higher trade values, better interest rates, and quick deals.  Even if the dealer doesn’t have the vehicle you want, they’ll work hard to find it or order it for you.

    2023 Inventory

    As I have been telling you, new vehicle inventories are getting better and some dealers have full lots with a lot more cars on the way.  These dealers actually need to sell cars and are offering really nice discounts.

    Have A Trade-In?

    If you are going to do something about a new set of wheels, consider doing it this weekend, you could save money.  If you have a trade-in, used prices are still sky-high and you should take advantage of that now, before it changes.

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