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  • Vehicle Debuts, Indoor EV Track Highlight New York Auto Show

    Vehicle Debuts, Indoor EV Track Highlight New York Auto Show

    The New York Auto Show is back after two years off due to the pandemic.  The show kicks off Friday, April 15 and runs through the 24th. An indoor EV test track is new to the show, which is heavily focused on electric vehicles.  Some notable new or refreshed models are also making their debut.  They include the enhanced 2023 Hyundai Palisade, updated 2023 Kia Telluride, all-new 2023 Kia Niro, and the new long-wheelbase Wagoneer Carbide, pictured above, and Grand Wagoneer L.  

    2023-kia-telluide-nyias-credit-newspressusa2023 Kia Telluride.  Credit: Newspress USA.

    grand-wagoneer-l-nyias-credit-newspressusa2023 Grand Wagoneer L.   Credit: Newspress USA.  



    All-new 2023 Kia Niro. Credit: Newspress USA.  

    The ultra-limited edition 2022 Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition makes its first public appearance. It pays tribute to the debut of the original Ford GT40 prototype at the 1964 New York Auto Show, 

    ford-gt-moody-credit-newspressusa 2022 Ford GT Holman Moody Heritage Edition. Photo Credit: Newspress USA.

    Concepts include the Chrysler Airflow Graphite all-electric SUV in Galaxy Black and the Toyota Tundra Desert Chase.

    chrysler-airflow-concept-nyias-newspressusa Chrysler Airflow Graphite Concept.  Credit: Newspress USA.

    toyota-tundra-desert-chaser-nyais-credit-newspressusaToyota Tundra Desert Chase Concept. Credit: Newspress USA.

    Indoor EV Test Track

    The NYAIS's all-new indoor EV Test Track will also give consumers an opportunity to experience a wide range of EVs on a 'green' themed track built to feel like a drive in the countryThey'll ride along with professional drivers who will demonstrate the vehicles' quick acceleration, quiet ride and high-tech features.  It features new EV models from Chevrolet, Kia, Nissan, Volvo, along with EV start-ups INDI from California and Vietnam's VinFast.  Ford and Hyundai will also incorporate EV test tracks into their own displays.

    vinfast-nyais-credit-newspressuaVinFast VF 8. Credit: Newspress USA.

    "Today, we see a future that is electric and the New York Auto Show is once again at the leading edge of the process by which potential car buyers come to understand, desire, and ultimately purchase, the incredible products that the automobile industry has to offer," said Mark Schienberg, New York Auto Show President.

    An 'Electric Test Fest'  will educate attendees about the benefits of going electric. Nearly an entire level of the convention center will be dedicated to plug-in electric vehicles, charging solutions, and consumer awareness programs. Attendees will also be able to explore 3-wheeled and 2-wheeled electric vehicles.  The Electric Test Fest will host more than two dozen companies as well as home, mobile, and curbside charging partners committed to consumer education and EV adoption. The exhibit is sponsored in part by Con Edison, Charge NY, New York Power Authority, NYSERDA and JD Power. 

    You can check out more show pics below:

    The NYIAS is open to the public from April 15-24 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. For more details visit the NYIAS website.

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    Photo Credit:  Newspress USA.
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