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Most Affordable Trucks & SUVs To Insure

Written By: CarPro | Jul 10, 2024 11:00:00 AM

Rising auto insurance premiums are a fact of life of late. So which new SUVs and trucks cost the least when it comes to auto insurance?  For some insight, we turn to Mercury Insurance's Top 10 lists of the most affordable new SUVs and trucks to insure.  

Mercury Insurance says consumers continue to gravitate toward larger vehicles as the truck and SUV segments dominate sales in the U.S., a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. The insurance carrier says that last year, SUVs accounted for 48% of global vehicle sales  - setting a new record and part of a larger trend of larger and heavier vehicles becoming more popular. By 2025, Mercury says some experts predict that the light truck segment, including SUVs, will make up 78% of sales.

Mercury's research and development team examined 2024 model-year  trucks and SUVs that are currently available at car dealerships today to compile its list of most affordable SUVs and trucks to insure.

"The appeal of trucks and SUVs is that they can handle weekday work commutes as well as weekend excursions," said Mercury Insurance Director of Product Management R&D Chong Gao. "New models have fantastic fuel economy and come in a variety of sizes to fit various lifestyles. Mercury Insurance wants to educate consumers about which truck or SUV might be the best fit for them and their families."

Chevrolet takes the top two truck spots on the truck list, with Ford taking five spots in the top 10. On the SUV side, Fiat is the most budget-friendly SUV to insure but Honda nabs four spots in of the top 10.

Here is the top 10 list for new 2024 trucks, beginning with the most affordable make and model to insure:

The top 10 list for new 2024 SUVs, also beginning with the most affordable make and model to insure, is:

Photo Credit: Chevrolet.