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    May 2022 National Auto Sales Results

    It was another rough month for the auto industry as the chip shortage continues to hurt production and keep dealer inventories extremely low.

    May 2022 sales were off almost 30% from May 2021, at least with the automakers that still report sales monthly.  We will have a better picture at the end of June when all car companies will report 2nd quarter sales.  It is unlikely the percentage off will change much, it’s still rough out there.

    Toyota led the pack, although percentage-wise, #2 Ford was off the least from a year a ago.  Only Genesis showed a year-over-year increase.

    May 2022 Sales By Brand

    Of the car companies that reported May 2022 sales, here are the leaders by brand, and how that compares to May of 2021:

    Toyota   154,223  27%
    Ford  145,841   4.3%
    Honda   69,031   56%
    Hyundai   59,432   34%
    Kia  57,941 Down 29% 29%
    Subaru 42,526   25%
    Lexus    21,767 29%
    Mazda  15,312  63%
    Volvo 9,372 29%
    Acura 6,460 65%
    Genesis 4,400 18%
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    Photo Credit: Toyota.