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  • It’s The End Of The Month AND End Of The Quarter

    It’s The End Of The Month AND End Of The Quarter

    It is the end of the month next Thursday, and the end of the second quarter of 2022, so this is the last weekend of both! Many of the incentives end on June 30th, but most will continue until July 5th to take advantage of the July 4th holiday.

    It’s no secret, the deals get better at month end, and when the quarter ends at the same time, it really gets good for consumers.  Automakers push the dealers for volume, and dealers do whatever it takes to make a deal.

    As I discussed last week on the Car Pro Show, used car values are still through the roof, but there are signs of a drop off.  If you have a trade, especially a truck or SUV, the timing is incredible.  Although net new vehicle prices are up, if you have a trade-in, the extra money it will bring will offset those.

    New cars are arriving daily, or put your name on one that is in transit. 

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    Photo: Sam Pack 5 Star Ford Dallas. May 2022.