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  • It’s The End of the Month and Bargain Time

    It’s The End of the Month and Bargain Time

    By the calendar, Friday the 28th is near the end of April and if by chance you can get to a CarPro Certified Dealer by Monday, that would be beneficial.  Dealers are always eager to put deals together on the last day of the month, especially when it falls on a Sunday, but they can make deals until Monday and you can get the terrific April incentives.

    Prediction:  The incentives will go down on many vehicles.  Inventories are getting better, but April is a tough month for car dealers, mainly due to tax time and business slows down.  This is a common event and automakers increase incentives to entice people in April, and back off some at the beginning of May.

    Remember too, used car values are still sky high. If you have a trade-in, just know that it’s still worth more money than in quite some time.

    If you’ve listened to my radio show in the past few weeks, those words should sound familiar.

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