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  • How To Safely Transport Your Holiday Food

    How To Safely Transport Your Holiday Food

    Thanksgiving is just two weeks away! Who else is looking forward to the upcoming holiday feasts? Meal prep isn't the only important part of getting our favorite dishes to the table. So, too, is transporting them there safely. So if you're piling in the family car to head to grandma's house this year, here are the best techniques to safely and cleanly transport your Thanksgiving feast favorites in the car.

    Casserole Dishes

    The best way to transport a casserole is in a casserole dish with a secure rubber lid. (Rubber bands are a second option to secure the lid if you don't have a travel casserole dish.) A zippered thermal food and insulated casserole carrying case will help keep your dish warm.  If you have more than one, there are even double casserole carriers. Secure your delicious cargo it in a laundry basket or cardboard box using towels on the top, bottom and sides. Your trunk is the best place to transport it, just make sure it and its box are secure, so it's not sliding around back there.   

    Slow Cookers

    Southern Living offers these tips for transporting food in a slow cooker.  A slow cooker with a lid that locks is a terrific way to go.  If you don't have one of those, heavy-duty rubber bands around the handles and lid are another option. Next, wrap the slow cooker in towels or newspaper.  Better yet, use an insulated bag made specifically for slow-cookers. Place it in the floorboard or the trunk of your car,  just make sure it's secure in both places.


    A pie carrier works great when getting your pie from point A to point B.  Another options is wrapping it aluminum foil. 

    Other Tips

    • Use bungee cords to help secure items.
    • Use plastic or aluminum foil to wrap pies or anything else that could leak.
    • Use towels to help pack food items securely a cardboard box or a laundry basket.
    • Place non-slip rubber hot pads under dishes to help keep them from sliding in their boxes.
    • Protect your trunk from placing towels on the floor.
    • Use storage containers with tight lids to pack leftovers.

    The tips should help you get your holiday feasts to their destination safely.

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