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  • Honda Shares Sketch Of First All-Electric SUV, 2024 Prologue

    Honda Shares Sketch Of First All-Electric SUV, 2024 Prologue

    Honda is sharing a sketch of its first all-electric SUV, the all-new,  "adventure-ready" Prologue. Honda's first EV -  co-developed with General Motors -  launches in 2024 and will be the first in Honda's upcoming series of EVs.  Calling it a  "sign of what's to come", Honda says the Prologue will offer the versatility and driving range on par with its existing range of rugged SUVS.

    “We announced a plan two years ago, positioned as a smart strategy, to co-develop an electric vehicle with GM. What will result is not just a more efficient process, but a great looking new vehicle, the Honda Prologue,” said Mamadou Diallo, vice president of Auto Sales, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.  “Our dealers are excited about Prologue and the fact that it is just the first volume Honda EV, with more Honda engineered EVs we will begin building in North America coming to market in 2026.”

    Honda's goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 by introducing 30 new EVs globally by 2030, with a volume of 2 million units.   Here's Honda three stage timeline leading up to 2030:

    • 2024: Begin sales of the Honda Prologue, co-developed with GM
    • 2026: Begin production and sales of Honda models based on the new Honda e:Architecture.  
    • 2027: Begin production and sales of a new series of affordable EVs, based on a new vehicle architecture co-developed with GM. 

    Based on these three phases, the automaker says the Honda brand plans to sell nearly 500,000 EVs in North America by 2030.

    Prologue Design

    The new Prologue was designed at the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles with collaboration from its design team in Japan. The automaker says it's the first Honda model designed primarily with virtual reality visualization technology which helped overcome challenges related to remote work requirements during the COVID pandemic.

    “As the project leader for the exterior design of the Honda Prologue, it was very exciting to work with a young team of designers with new capabilities to create an SUV with clean, simple lines and a strong influence from our global EV models, including the Honda e,” said Jiro Ikeda, Exterior Design Leader. “We balanced that with a neo-rugged look that you see in our current lineup to ensure Prologue represents a true Honda EV.”

    Honda's design team focused on aerodynamics and simple surfaces with fewer lines to improve range. Another big focus was reducing cabin noise. Honda says a quiet cabin is even more important for EV customers since there's no engine sound.

    Dealership Design


    A new dealership design is also in the works as Honda heads into an EV future.  The automaker says it will reflect the way buyers shop for vehicles - as well as reflect the lower inventory dealers will need to support future sales. 

    Honda is also working with dealers on the number and type of EV charging stations dealers will be required to install based on their expected EV sales volume through 2030.  

    Service is also another aspect. Honda says it's developing guidelines regarding the types of special tools and equipment dealers will need to acquire to service Honda electric vehicles.  Rollouts will be in a tiered approach based on potential EV sales in each local market. 

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    Photo Credit:  Honda.