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    Big Labor Day Auto Sales!

    Listen to CarPro Radio Show host Jerry Reynolds talk about an event starting to occur now in the used car market that will radically affect your trade value. Clip is from Saturday 8/27/22  broadcast.

    Labor Day is traditionally one of the best weekends of the year for car buyers.  I know this year has been different, but even in crazy times like this, dealers still need to sell cars and automakers are equally pushing.

    As I talked about on the CarPro Show last Saturday, used car prices ARE coming down, so if you have a trade-in, waiting will cost you money, that is just the reality.

    From the dealers’ standpoint, it is last call for the summer selling season and they look to Labor Day to kick off September sales.  If you missed the end of August sales, there is still time to get good incentives, holiday weekend savings, and still extremely high trade values, at least for now.

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    Credit: Alex Millos/Shutterstock.com.