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Hertz Charges Tesla EV Customer A $277 Gas Fee

Written By: Jerry Reynolds | May 15, 2024 11:38:57 AM

If you are a social media guru like myself, you know that SMH stands for Shaking My Head, as in this is unbelievable.  Well, I am shaking my head at this story from our friends at   

It seems that a very good Hertz customer rented a Tesla Model 3 from Hertz, chose the easy drop-off option, which I have done many times with gasoline rental vehicles, and when he saw the charges, there was a $277 charge for refueling.  There must be some honest mistake, right?  Oh, maybe they charged him for recharging the all-electric car.  NOPE.  Neither of those things.

According to The Drive longtime Hertz customer Joshua Lee was hit with the fuel charge after returning his Tesla Model 3 following a weekend vacation in Los Angeles. As The Drive reported,  Lee paid for the ""Skip the Pump and Save Time" option that allows customers to return the car without filling up the gas tank.  Of course the Tesla Model 3 doesn't even have a gas tank to refill.  In fact, Lee even returned the Tesla with a 96% battery charge,  the same state of charge the vehicle was in when he picked it up. 

As you might imagine, Lee contacted Hertz to dispute the $277 charge. Initially, the rental car company didn't budge. In an email, a service customer representative said he was fully aware of the fuel option added to his signed contract.

However, since the story was first published, Hertz has come around.  The Drive updated its story to include that Hertz informed The Drive that its Customer Care team would be "reaching out to Mr. Lee to apologize and will refund this erroneous charge."

There is much more to this story, and it will have you shaking your head too. Click here to read the story as reported in The Drive.

Photo Credit:  Hertz.