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Ford Introduces Ford Explorer “Men's Only” Edition

Written By: CarPro | Mar 14, 2023 11:56:46 AM

Ford is celebrating Women's History Month with a special edition. 

Men's Only Ford Explorer

Ford says "The Ford Explorer: Men's Only Edition", introduced in a video that launched on International Women's Day March 8th, celebrates the significant role women have played in the development of the modern automobile.  To highlight their essential contributions, they've created an SUV without them. 


Ford says the tongue-in-cheek video, narrated by actor Bryan Cranston, initially appears to be a traditional car advertisement showcasing a new Ford Explorer.  But then you discover, the edition is completely re-imagined, without any of the essential features developed by women, including heaters, windshield wipers, turn signals, brake lights, and GPS.

Ford Salutes Trailblazing Women

This month Ford is also highlighting the achievements and contributions of female innovators of the past and present on and across the company's social media accounts.  Some of these trailblazing women include: 

Historic women who developed groundbreaking technology in the automotive industry:

  • Hedy Lamarr, Innovator of the communication system used in cellular technology, Wi-Fi and GPS
  • Florence Lawrence, Pioneer of brake and turn signals
  • Dorothy Levitt, Creator of the rearview mirror
  • Dorothée Pullinger, Innovator of the rearview mirror
  • Dr. Gladys West, Pioneer of the modern-day GPS

Ford innovators and change makers who will be highlighted on Ford Motor Company’s social media channels:

  • Jennifer Brace, Trends and Futuring Manager
  • Jackie DiMarco, Vehicle Programs Director for F-Series and Commercial Trucks
  • Cynthia Flanigan, Chief Engineer, Hardware Integration in Vehicle Hardware Engineering
  • Nicole Herrera, Computer Aided Engineering and Vibration Testing Engineer
  • Julia Matos, Mustang Mach-E Design and Release Engineer
  • Usha Raghavachari, Innovation Lab Director, London, Melbourne and Sao Paulo
  • Poliana Rocha, Design and Release Engineer
  • Lucretia Williams, Strategist and Planning Expert

To read more about the Ford Explorer: Men’s Edition click here. 

Additionally, The Ford Heritage Vault is celebrating Women’s History Month with a selection of products designed and engineered by women, including the 1994 Ford Mustang, the 1975 Ford Granada, and the 1999 Ford Windstar.     

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Photo Credit:  Ford Motor Company.