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    First Look: The New 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale

    It's an exciting time to be an Alfa Romeo fan because the automaker is getting ready to launch its first new vehicle in five years. And judging from what I saw recently, it certainly looks like it was worth the wait. I'm talking about the first-ever 2023 Alfa Romeo Tonale, the brand's first plug-in hybrid SUV.  It's an SUV designed to expand Alfa Romeo's typically older male audience to a younger, metropolitan buyer, even family.  (I could see the Tonale on a parents' date night as well as at a soccer game.)


    If my first encounter with the Tonale at a recent DFW media event is any indication, the Tonale is positioned to deliver for Alfa Romeo. This is one exciting SUV.  The model pictured, the only one currently making rounds in the U.S, is European spec in a Speciale trim that won't be offered in the U.S. Here we'll see it in Sprint, Ti and Veloce variants.  One of two powertrains will be available in the U.S., one of those a 272-horsepower plug-in hybrid.  

    Larry Dominique, head of Alfa Romeo in North America, shows us around this stunning new SUV, which will offer a plug-in-hybrid model. 

    The Tonale is based on a 2019 concept and represents a metamorphosis for the brand.  It's very striking in its sophisticated, sleek and sporty design that incorporates Alfa Romeo's racing history.  The front features Alfa Romeo's distinctive“Trilobo” grille and “Scudetto” shield along with a “3+3” headlight design with new, full LEDs. The wheels are certainly unique.

    The Alfa Romeo racing-inspired cabin is quite impressive, awash in leather and Alcantara suede with unique patterns, logos and badging designating the Alfa Romeo brand.  2023-tonale-alfa-romeo-interiorThe Tonale will offer UConnect5 on a 10.25-inch center screen and a 12.3-inch driver cluster screen. It will also have Level 2 autonomous capability, a host of driver assistance features including blind spot detection. It's also the first Alfa Romeo to have over-the-air-updates.  It will also have wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  It's also the first car on the market equipped with a NFT (non-fungible token) digital certificate.

    Orders open in the fourth quarter and we can expect the Tonale to launch in early 2023. Our thanks to Alfa Romeo North America for the opportunity to share the Tonale with you.

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