The New McLaren, The Americas  Headquarters,  And Yes It's Glorious

Written By: Amy Plemons | Nov 17, 2022 9:34:38 PM

Drive down a seemingly quiet road in Coppell, Texas, and you'll see new construction dot the suburban Dallas-area landscape. But what you'll never guess is what lies within the walls of one of those new buildings. And once you discover what does, well, there's certainly no going back, at least for me.

I'm talking about the glorious new state-of-the-art McLaren, The Americas corporate headquarters.  I recently attended a media, friends and family event celebrating its official inauguration this past weekend.  An official welcome, if you will, to North Texas, from its previous location in downtown New York City.


The McLaren community is strong one in North Texas, thanks in great degree I'm sure to McLaren Dallas.  That spirit was evident, with more than 50 McLaren owners from Texas displaying their vehicles out front. Shortly after my arrival,  McLaren, The Americas President Nicolas Brown drove up, in yes, a McLaren,  then shared remarks with the crowd along with the Mayor of Coppell, Wes Mays. 


Avondale Group President Hesham Elgaghil was also on hand to present Brown with specially commissioned artwork from automotive artist Stephen Seltzler.

IMG_7040A jaw-dropping tour of the 31,000 square-foot facility then commenced - a rare chance to see McLaren's state of the art workshop, training facilities and new product display capability.   After passing by a large, open space office area adorned by McLaren artwork on the walls, the first stop was a Supercar Showroom and presentation area.



It features a video screen custom designed from France. It's motorized too -and surprise - rises to reveal a dramatically lit alcove featuring none other then the McLaren Artura.  This is an incredible next-gen ultralight hybrid supercar with an absolutely stunning interior. 




From there,  it was no less than a feast for the eyes. I stepped into the workshop area, where McLaren's in vibrant hues stretched as far as they eye can see. (The teal one in the back right would be my pick!)



The cars themselves are hand-built at the McLaren Production Centre (MPC) in Woking, Surrey, England. Here, the workshop currently features four vehicle lifts, fast charge stations, tire mounting and balancing, training bays and dedicated classrooms, plus an infinity cove for vehicle photography.  The space is nothing short of pristine. The floors are spotless.

IMG_7094A special area displayed privately-owned McLaren's that were absolutely incredible. They included the Elva roadster, the lightest McLaren ever made, and the Speedtail, McLaren’s first-ever hybrid hyper-GT and the fastest McLaren to date.





The new headquarters also incorporates an McLaren Special Operations (MSO) Brand Center. It's where McLaren customers can customize their new supercar - in consult with designers and engineers in the brand’s Woking, UK.

Truly, an unforgettable experience to be surrounded by such innovation, technology, aerodynamics, and design. I, for one, am thrilled to welcome McLaren, The Americas to the North Texas neighborhood. 

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