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  • Dodge Announces New Theft Protection Measures For Charger, Challenger Owners

    Dodge Announces New Theft Protection Measures For Charger, Challenger Owners

    Dodge is offering some new security measures to help owners protect their Dodge Challenger and Chargers from car thieves.  There are three new security measures in all designed to keep criminals from stealing cars with keyless entry and push-button start systems.

    The Dodge Garage reports that since 2016, there have been around 6,000 Challengers and Chargers stolen in the United States (but it also says keep in mind that during that same 5-year period, roughly 3.75-million vehicles were stolen across America.)

    Here's a look at the three new security solutions to help protect Dodge Challenger and Charger owners against criminal theft:

    "Enhanced Security Valet Mode" - Available Now

    One is an “Enhanced Security Valet Mode”, announced earlier this year but just now available.  Basically it will slow a criminal down, and we mean way down. It replaces the standard Valet Mode and uses a four-digit code in the radio to limit engine power output to less than 3 horsepower, preventing fast getaways. This feature was available starting on Monday, August 16. It's available on request at Dodge dealers as a flash software upgrade, and it's free of charge for 2021 model year Challengers and Chargers with 392-cubic-inch HEMI or supercharged Hellcat HEMI engines.

    “Key Programming Lockdown” - Q1 2022

    The “Key Programming Lockdown” feature is designed to keep thieves from programming new key fobs after breaking into a vehicle. The Lockdown feature rollout begins in Q1 2022. When fully implemented, Key Programming Lockdown will eventually be available for 2015-to-current model year Challengers and Chargers with any engine option. Note, though, that according to Dodge Garage this feature also prevents dealers from making a new key as well if you loose yours.  Read more about that here.

    “Intrusion Module” - 2022 Model-Year Vehicles

    Finally, a third measure is an “Intrusion Module”. It activates vehicle alarm systems if it senses glass breakage or vehicle movement. The Intrusion Module will be available on all 2022 model year Dodge Chargers and Challengers.

    For more info the new Dodge theft-protection measures head to the Dodge Garage by clicking here.

    Photo Credit: 2021 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat in Sinamon Stick/Dodge.