2023 Toyota Prius Prime XSE Premium in Guardian Gray. Photo Credit: Toyota.


California Residents Can Now Get Toyota Auto Insurance

Written By: CarPro | May 16, 2023 7:49:37 PM

Good news if you live in California and you're looking for new auto insurance. (And a lot of folks are according to J.D. Powers.)  Toyota Auto Insurance is now available in the Golden State.  And guess what? It's available for Toyota and non-Toyota vehicles in a customer’s household.

Toyota originally introduced its branded auto insurance in select markets back in 2021.  The automaker says expansion into California represents a major milestone.  Number one, it's the most populous state in the nation.  Add to that, it's also home to the first Toyota manufacturing facility in North America, Toyota Auto Body California.

"This expansion represents a significant milestone in our rollout of Toyota Auto Insurance," said Rob Spencer, Toyota Insurance President. "Drivers in the Golden State are now able to benefit from the exceptional value and top tier service offered by Toyota Auto Insurance. We look forward to this opportunity to enhance our customers' Toyota ownership experience."

Toyota Auto Insurance even offers Pet Passenger Coverage to protect four-legged family members in case of an accident.

Here are all the states where Toyota Auto Insurance is available: Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas.  Toyota says more states are still to come in the coming months.

Toyota Auto Insurance is underwritten in California by 21st Century Casualty Company. If you have any questions or would like a quote you can visit ToyotaAutoInsurance.com or call (877) 249-0086 with questions.

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Photo Credit:  Toyota.