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Black Friday Auto Sales/Last Week of November

Written By: Jerry Reynolds | Nov 21, 2022 1:00:00 PM

Jerry talks about Black Friday and end of the month car sales on the CarPro Show.
 Air Date: 11-18-23.

While shopping on Black Friday can be a stressful, tiring, and downright frightening thing to do, consumers will find some great deals on one of the biggest purchases they'll ever make: a new car.

This weekend, we have significant sale days back-to-back…Black Friday weekend, Cyber Monday, then the final 3 days of November.

I recall from my days in the retail auto industry, we geared up for Black Friday and the weekend after, also.  In the car business, when a lot of people are off work, you tend to be really busy.  We also saw that while one spouse was at the mall, the other might be shopping for a car.

The incentives for November are ending on Thursday, November 30
th and as I predicted, we saw significant increases from all automakers.  There is no doubt, the year-end push is ON.

Dealerships typically offer big discounts on Black Friday, even if it is on a vehicle that is coming in.  It's an atypical day to purchase a car since consumers think of retail shopping, but buying a new vehicle on Black Friday can often lead to nice savings.  Many dealers do one-day only pricing on this Friday and some start early, around 7 AM.

Most dealer lots are full right now, with lots of vehicles on the way, but be aware that if you have a specific vehicle you are looking for, communicate with a Car Pro friend at one of our Certified dealerships at my website,, just click FIND A CAR PRO FRIEND.  The exact vehicle you are looking for could be on a convoy truck headed there right now.

BOTTOM LINE:  Without a doubt, this is the best time to buy since before Covid started, and I sincerely mean that.

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