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    The Best Used Cars For Teens Under $25,000

    Choosing a vehicle for the teen driver in your family can be a daunting task. You'll want to consider a number of things. CarPro Show host Jerry Reynolds shares some tips on How To Pick Out Your Teen's First Car here.  One recommendation he makes is to buy used over new, but not too old, since the newer the car the more safety features. 

    That brings us to iSeeCars.com's Safest and Most Reliable Used Cars For Teens Under $25,000. It's designed to give parents some safe, reliable and fuel efficient options that also keep budget in mind. The models on the list range from 2015-2019. Safety and driver assistance features vary depending on the model, but iSeeCars says all have basic safety features like electronic stability control and front airbags. 

    iSeeCars says these are the most important safety features parents will want to consider:

    • Electronic stability control (ESC): Electronic stability control automatically applies the brakes when a vehicle skids or slides on slippery surfaces or curvy roads. This safety technology is so important that it has been required in most vehicles since 2012.
    • Backup/Rear cameras:They've been mandatory in new vehicles as of May 2018. However, this technology is common in older vehicles.
    • Forward-collision warning with automatic braking: This technology uses sensors to detect what’s in front of your car while monitoring your car’s speed. If a crash is imminent, it will give a warning. If you don’t stop on your own, the system will automatically apply the brakes.
    • Blind spot threat detection. Blind spot detection uses sensors to alert drivers to vehicles that are not yet visible but are in adjacent lanes.

    All vehicles listed scored 8.5 or above (out of 10) on an iSeeCars quality analysis that considers long-term reliability and the average safety ratings. Vehicles also all have a combined 20 MPG to help minimize gas expenses.  

    Here are the best cars for teens by vehicle category:

    The Safest and Most Reliable Cars for Teens for Under $25,000

    By Vehicle Category (iSeeCars Study)

    Vehicle Category


    iSeeCars Safety and Reliability Score

    Average Used Car Price

    Best Small Car

    2017 Honda Civic (Coupe)



    Best Luxury Small Car

    2017 Volvo S60



    Best Midsize Car

    2017 Honda Accord



    Best Luxury Midsize Car

    2015 Lexus ES 350



    Best Large Car

    2015 Toyota Avalon



    Best Luxury Large Car

    2015 Acura RLX



    Best Small SUV

    2017 Subaru Outback



    Best Midsize SUV

    2015 Honda Pilot



    Best Luxury Midsize SUV

    2015 Acura MDX



    Best Minivan

    2015 Honda Odyssey



    Best Wagon

    2019 Subaru Impreza



    Best Luxury Wagon

    2015 Volvo V60



    Best Hybrid Car

    2017 Toyota Prius



    Best Luxury Hybrid Car

    2015 Lexus ES 300h




    To read iSeeCars' comments about each model click here.

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    Photo Credit: Honda Civic Coupe/Honda.