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  • Attention Car Shoppers: July 4th Sales/Incentives Extended

    Attention Car Shoppers: July 4th Sales/Incentives Extended

    As always, car dealers view holidays as a time when they go into volume- mode.  July 4th is a rare opportunity for them to start a new month on a high note.   

    We saw some incentive enhancements at the end of June, which was also the end of the second quarter of 2023.  Almost without exception, we saw those incentives extended until this Wednesday July 5th.  After this round of incentives end next week, the likelihood is that incentives will drop.  That almost always happens at the start of a new quarter.  0% APR is for sure likely to go away with the recent Fed rate hike talk when they meet this month.

    Dealers will be very aggressive this week on trade values, pricing, and financing, so if you can get out and shop, the deals at our dealer affiliates will be very good.  If you have a trade-in, the market is sky high, but dropping on a weekly basis.

    Go directly to any of our terrific dealer partners by clicking on FIND A CAR PRO FRIEND near the top right at CarPro.com, then pick your closest area. Most of our dealers will be open on July 4th and they will take super care of you!

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    Photo Credit: Fahroni/Shutterstock.com.