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    See The 2022 HUMMER EV “Watts To Freedom” Launch Mode In Action

    Need a dose of excitement to get you through the post-July 4th workweek?  Then check out GMC's recent test vehicle demo of the new "Watts to Freedom" Launch Control mode in the new 1000-horsepower 2022 HUMMER EV pickup.  Put it into action and GMC is talking a sprint time of 0 to 60 in approximately 3 seconds. Consider us impressed, especially as the HUMMER EV is not exactly a light vehicle - reportedly weighing in at over 9,000 pounds.

    GMC describes "Watts to Freedom" as a driver-selectable feature that "channels the propulsion system’s tremendous power into acceleration bursts".  

    “Watts to Freedom unlocks the full potential of the propulsion system and puts all of its available power to the pavement,” said Al Oppenheiser, HUMMER EV chief engineer. “It’s an all-encompassing experience unlike anything else — purpose-built for straight-line fun.” 


    GMC says the Hummer EV's three electric motors within the Ultium Drive system are expected to offer up to a GM-estimated 1,000 horsepower.  When multiplied through the front- and rear-drive unit gear ratios, it's expected to deliver up to 11,500 lb.-ft. of torque to the wheels.  

    The Watts for Freedom launch mode will also deliver an experience in the cabin.  GMC says as the vehicle preps for action, a series of interior experiences convey the feeling of a “pre-launch countdown,” including interactive controls, unique sounds through the Bose speakers and engaging screen animations. The vehicle also activates Adaptive Air Suspension and lowers 2 inches to prepare for the launch, to lower the center of gravity,

    “It’s an amazing demonstration of just how fast 1,000 horsepower and 11,500 lb.-ft. of electric propulsion can move you,” said Oppenheiser. “It’ll put a smile on your face every single time.”

    The HUMMER EV is the first all-electric vehicle in GMC’s portfolio with GM's new Ultium battery system. Production begins in fall 2021.

    GMC says performance targets, estimates and capability specifications are based on computer-aided analysis and simulation using virtual engineering tools and that estimates may vary depending on model and trim.  Actual production model and results may vary.  Additional model and trim details can be found at GMC.com.

    Source: GMC. Photo Credit: GMC.