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    2022 Toyota Prius Prime EV-Hybrid

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    Segment Transcript

    I’m Laura Reynolds with CarProUSAToyota has added a no-gas EV mode to its best-selling hybrid the Prius Prime. When charged the Prius Prime has a 640-mile driving range and when fully charged has an estimated 25 miles of EV driving range. The fuel efficient hybrid has a driving mode for longer trips with an EPA-estimated 54 combined miles per gallon.  The Prius Prime is fully charged in just over 2 hours with a Level 2, 240-volt charger. If you want to charge your Prius Prime at home, you do not have to invest in special, expensive equipment for home charging. Using the supplied cable, Prius Prime plugs into a standard household outlet. Toyota recommends using a dedicated GFI, 15-A outlet. Fully recharging the battery using a standard 120v outlet takes less than five-and-a-half hours. A 240V source can reduce that time to approximately two hours. Starting MSRP on the LE grade is $28,220. For more information on these and other vehicles, check out CarProUSA.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds. 

    Photo Credit: Toyota.