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  • Nissan Tests New ProPILOT Driver-Assistance Technology

    Nissan Tests New ProPILOT Driver-Assistance Technology

    Each week, our veteran radio news journalist, Laura Reynolds, brings interviews with top auto industry execs to CarProUSA. You can hear her latest Auto News shorts right here. In a hurry? Then you'll love these 1-2 minute interview segments.

    Segment Transcript

     I’m Laura Reynolds with CarProUSA. Nissan is testing a new driver-assistance technology. The technology currently in-development utilizes highly accurate, real-time information about the vehicle's surrounding environment to enhance collision avoidance. At a Nissan facility in Japan, a test vehicle was used to demonstrate how this technology can automatically perform collision-avoidance maneuvers.  The technology is a combination of next-generation high-performance LIDAR or laser assisted detection, radar and cameras. It can detect the shape and distance of objects, as well as the structure of the area surrounding the vehicle, in real time with a high degree of accuracy. By using all of this information, the vehicle analyzes the current situation to judge and automatically perform required collision-avoidance operations. Nissan’s goal is to complete the technology by the mid-2020’s. For more information on these and other vehicles, check out CarProUSA.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.

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    Photo Credit: Nissan.