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  • New 2024 Ford Ranger Offers Available Side Box Step

    New 2024 Ford Ranger Offers Available Side Box Step

    Each week, our veteran radio news journalist, Laura Reynolds, brings interviews with top auto industry execs to CarPro. You can hear her latest Auto News shorts right here. In a hurry? Then you'll love these 1-2 minute interview segments.

    Segment Transcript

    I always thought part of tailgating was balancing your hip bones on the truck bed so you can dig out your coolers. You know Ford’s Gretchen Sauer says the ’24 Ranger Raptor eliminates my gymnastic moves with an available box side step. Sauer: "So our customers told us loud and clear that they wanted to be able to get into the bed of the Ranger and you know pull out whatever they need for their gear for their next adventure. Whether that's their camping gear or you know a cooler something like that. And so what we did on the Ranger is that we have an available integrated box side step. On the side of the Ranger, which is stamped into the side of the body, we have a step that is capable of holding up to 300 pounds. You can fit both of your feet in there, step up in and reach over into the bed and grab whatever you need out of your bed. Everything cars and trucks is at CarPro.com. I’m Laura Reynolds with your Auto News.

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    Photo Credit: Ford.