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  • Ford Launches New Bronco Trail App

    Ford Launches New Bronco Trail App

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    Hey Bronco nation, you are going to love this new app that Ford made especially for you. Ford’s Matt Winter has all the details. Winter: "So the app's going to be something that you can download on your smartphone from any of the play stores or app stores that you use, whatever your preference is. And that will give you access to about 1200 professionally curated off-road trails across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  So they are curated and that provides a lot of control for the owner of the vehicle to decide what kind of adventure they want to have that day. So we provide details as well as a rating of difficulty. So you might not be ready to tackle some of the harder trails of Moab but there might be something a little bit closer to home that will give you exactly what you need, test your skills, use your vehicle exactly the way you want and give you a really fun day of off-roading." Anything car related can be found at CarPro.com.  With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.

    Bronco Trail app video record

    Photo: Capture video of your drive by securing your smartphone in the vehicle. Finished recordings can be viewed in the app or through a connection with your vehicle’s center console, with overlay data like speed, RPM, distance traveled, elevation, and more. Once you’re done recording, the video will be automatically saved to your phone and available to share via text, social media channel or in online forums. Credit:Ford.

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    Photo Credit: Ford.