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  • Ford Adds 5,000 More Vehicles To Its Online Heritage Vault

    Ford Adds 5,000 More Vehicles To Its Online Heritage Vault

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    Segment Transcript

    Ford Archive and Heritage Band Manager Ted Ryan says they have added another 5000 vehicles to the Ford Heritage Vault including the F-Series. Ryan: "Loaded all the Ford of England collection up and announced that in December, and we saw a huge spike in traffic then, we're expecting a huge spike in traffic now that we have completely loaded every single year of the F-Series from 1948 until 2003 to celebrate our 75th anniversary of the F-Series. I will say the ones that we're getting the most commentary on are the unusual things like the accessories brochures from the '50s and '60s. You know everything from a car hammock, to a trailer top to a, one brochure from 1958 is for checkered cabs and all the accessories that can go with a checkered cab.” That's FordHeritageVault.com. For more information on these and other stories visit CARPRO.COM. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.   


    Photo Credit: Ford Europe.

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    Photo Credit: Ford.