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  • AAA: Bad Driving Habits On The Nation's Roads

    AAA: Bad Driving Habits On The Nation's Roads

    Each week, our veteran radio news journalist, Laura Reynolds, brings interviews with top auto industry execs to CarPro. You can hear her latest Auto News shorts right here. In a hurry? Then you'll love these 1-2 minute interview segments.

    Segment Transcript

    When American Automobile Association Driver Training Dr. Bill Van Tassell was asked what’s the number one bad driving behavior out on the roads, he couldn’t narrow it down to just one. Dr. Bill Van Tassel: "We do see a lot of different habits and there's also the complication of the behavior changes we saw during COVID. So what we saw then isn't necessarily normal... it's been a couple years of some bad driving related to that as well. So there's a host of them. We've got still impaired driving is you know, way, way, way up there and it's not just alcohol now.  Speeding is completely endemic and we're learning more and more about how much energy in transmitted to vehicle occupants with speeds at any level. And we've even seen a deterioration in some of the basics, the willingness to yield the right of way when needed, I mean it may sound of kind of basic and boring, but it's one of the good ways, one of the effective ways we avoid crashing into each other." For more information check out CarPro.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.  

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