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May 23, 2024

Dear CarPro Family,

Memorial weekend is here dear friends, and I hope that means you get some time with family and friends, but I also truly hope you will reflect on what Memorial Day is really all about.  Below you will find our Salute To Veterans, and a little history lesson on how Memorial Day came to be.  If you are cooking, I give you Kevin’s Famous Holiday Recipes.

Of course, Memorial week through the end of the month means BARGAIN TIME for car shoppers.  This year with inventory levels running high and incentives being strong, consider that new set of wheels!  Read the article below as I explain WHY this is one of the two best times of the year to buy.

I really try not to get too wrapped up in electric vehicles, but there is so much turmoil surrounding them, it is hard to ignore.  I have commentary below questioning whether or not the bubble on EVs has burst.  You’ll wonder, too, as you read headlines from this past week.  We brought you the story a couple of months ago about the first Tesla Cybertruck that sold at auction.  Last week, six more sold at the same auction.  How did they do compared to the first one?  I have the results for you!

We also have Kim Komando’s Tech Tips of the Week.  This week America’s Digital Goddess offers up a lot of great tips; I picked a few I thought might be helpful or interesting.  I also encourage you to sign up for her informative and entertaining newsletter, I learned a lot of new things this week, and so will you!  The Texas Auto Writers have named the winners of the Texas Auto Roundup, we have the winner’s list for you today.

In a programming note, please join us Saturday at 9:35 AM Central on WBAP, and 11:35 AM Central on the national show, as we welcome David Mills, the father of Kailee Mills, the 16-year old girl killed in Houston whom we’ve been discussing with you for the last six years.  She would have turned 23 this coming Monday.  You can read her story from last week’s newsletter if you missed it, here.

In reviews this week, I have two very different vehicles! The 2024 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8 and the redesigned 2024 Nissan Rogue Platinum SUV.  Our Amy Plemons has for you the 2024 Lexus IS 500 F Sport Performance Premium.

In advice today, I have tips on dealing with hail damage on your car AND how to handle bad weather driving, it’s that time of year after all.  I have cars the most and least likely to be recalled in the future, details on the VW ID.Buzz microbus, and also pricing on the 2025 Kia Sorento hybrid. AAA says 44 million of you will travel this weekend, and a trade association is mounting a fierce attack against the Biden administration over EPA mandates and fuel economy standards America faces.

We have another True Story from a Former Car Dealer below.  This is a series of 40 stories written by me.  Some are really funny, some are incredibly sad.  I really peel back the curtain on my career highs and lows in the car business, and also share a lot of personal information.  I hope you’ll take a minute and read these each week, I truly believe you’ll enjoy them. #21 is titled: Ordering Cars.  This is a hard job at a dealership, and I’ve literally ordered thousands of cars for inventory in my lifetime.  Things can go wrong and when they do, they go REALLY wrong, and of course, it happened to me.  More than once.

Plus, lots of other information you will enjoy, including our videos of the week we talk about on the air all the time!  If you have never been to our FAQ page, take a minute and peruse the categories, something there will interest you for sure.

You’ll find the following stories and more info as you scroll down the newsletter: 

Screen Shot 2024-05-21 at 4.39.15 PM

may-23-page-2rundown-page-3-may-23We so appreciate all of you who take this newsletter and listen to the show every week.  We know that without you, there is no CarPro Radio Show.  So always let us know when we can help you. If you have not been there lately, take a look at our website,, it changes all the time!

Have a terrific week.  See you on the radio!

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  Our Salute To Veterans And a History of Memorial Day


 A listener sent me this very moving video. I would encourage you to spend a few minutes watching, it really brings it into perspective.  It is called Mansions of the Lord. VIDEO →

Finally we offer this poem to all who have served, and our thanks, also to those who are currently serving.


Read the history of Memorial Day→

  HUGE Memorial Day Sales Start Today!

great-deals-ahead-shutterstock-1404x1112-1I am constantly asked when is the best time to buy?  I always say Memorial weekend and the last week of December.  With dealers fully stocked or overstocked in new vehicles, and aggressive purchase and lease incentives available, this is stacking up to be the biggest bargain weekend for consumers since before Covid.

I anticipate our dealers will be very busy with Memorial weekend AND the end of the month falling four days later.   

Many of our dealers not only have full lots, but they all have a lot more vehicles on the way. The automakers are cranking out new vehicles left and right and pressuring the dealers to buy them to make up for lost production over the past year.

The used market is still very high, but I am seeing signs of the market dropping slightly.  We could see a big drop soon if the trend continues.  The robust used vehicle pricing cannot continue and I’ve said all along, this would happen when new car inventory became plentiful.

Most automakers are using way below market interest rates to entice buyers, others are using big rebates, some big lease incentives, and some are using a combination of all of these.

Use our dealers from here, email them in advance so they can be ready for you.

If you’ve put this off waiting for that right time to pull the trigger, I submit that time is NOW.

  The Car Pro Commentary  


The Electric Car Bubble        Bursting: Headlines From The News

In the past 10 years, I haven’t reviewed an electric vehicle I didn’t really like, and I think the same is true of our Executive Producer, Amy Plemons.  They are fast, they are quiet, and aside from the normal trepidation of range anxiety, upfront costs, the lack of long-term reliability history, and the pain of finding a public charger, slightly more than 7% of vehicles sold in America this year are all-electric. As I have said on the air, there is no doubt I’ll own (likely lease) one someday, likely sooner than later.  I already have the Level 2 charger in my garage.

I have been hard on the U.S. Government publicly as well as some automakers for pushing electric vehicles too hard, too fast.  The result has been an oversupply of EVs, resulting in massive losses to car companies to the point of fears about the future viability of those automakers that went “all-in” on all-electric.  A week ago Saturday I had had strong words for General Motors and pointed out that Ford lost $100,000 in the first quarter of this year on each electric vehicle it sold.  Tesla is in a freefall trying to balance sales and stock prices, not an easy task for Mr. Musk.  If you missed my on-air comments, it is a short listen, and you can hear them by clicking here or on the photo below:


I monitor many automotive websites to make sure I bring you the most up-to-date information available.  I look for trends and directions.  So, I wanted to share with you lead automotive stories from just two days in the previous week.  There were others, but you’ll get the idea.  Is it too soon to say the electric car bubble has burst?  Are hybrids the cause?  You be the judge.

Read recent headlines → 

  Follow-Up: Tesla Cybertruck Auction Pricing Update

tesla cybertruck- courtesy-tesla-inc-1In early March 2024,  we brought you the story about the very first Tesla all-electric Cybertruck that sold at the Manheim Dallas Auto Auction.  Two months later, how are auction prices faring?  Here's a look.

Read More →

  Straight Talk and Honest Answers

2021-lexus-es-250-awd-weather-1-minCarPro Advice:Dealing with Hail Damage and Bad Weather Driving

Here's what you need to know about paintless dent removal if your vehicle gets hail damage, plus my tips on driving safely in dangerous weather.

Read More→ 

   2024 Texas Auto Roundup Awards

tawa-roundup-title winners-1

The Car Pro Show extends its congratulations to this year's 2024 Texas Auto Roundup winners! The annual spring event, hosted by the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA), gives attending members the opportunity to evaluate dozens of vehicles and cast their vote for their favorites. The CarPro's Amy Plemons attended the event in April as a voting TAWA member.  This year's Title Award winners are pictured above. (Some automotive photography provided by Kevin McCauley / capturingthemachine.)

  • Vehicle of Texas: Genesis G70
  • Electric Vehicle of Texas: Kia EV9
  • CUV of Texas (TIE): Toyota Grand Highlander and Mazda CX-50
  • Performance Vehicle of Texas: Alfa Romeo Giulia

For the complete list of all the category & feature award winners click the link below.  

2024 Texas Auto Roundup Winners and our notable mentions→

   Enter To Win This 'Vette And Help Veterans!

unnamed It’s not very often you get a chance to help someone and win something special in the process. The | Vehicle For Good “Corvette For Vets” sweepstakes is just such an event, and it is on right now!  Roll Call of North Texas and Veterans Freedom Retreat will directly benefit every time you enter! And every $10 entry gets you a chance to win a 2024 Corvette Stingray 3LT Z51 –and you know it’s RED! You’ll also get $10,000 in cash! Enter as many times as you like before July 5th! You will be helping our veterans find healing and community in the process!


DISCLAIMER: No purchase necessary to enter or win. Sweepstakes ends July 5th, 2024. Open to legal residents of the United States, EXCLUDING THE STATE OF NEW YORK OR WHERE PROHIBITED. Must be 18 years of age at the time of entry. See the official rules for more.

  Kevin's Famous Holiday Recipes

Screen Shot 2024-05-23 at 2.02.51 PM

Many families gather over the Memorial Day weekend while we remember those who sacrificed for our country.

Back in the days when Kevin had a Monday through Friday show, he had three recipes he gave out every holiday season and still to this day gets many requests for them.

Get Kevin's Famous Recipes→ 

  Kim Komando's Tech Tip of the Week!


Besides the Car Pro Show and our weekly newsletter, my other favorite radio show and newsletter is Kim Komando’s.  We are on many of the same radio stations across America.  She does for her listeners and newsletter subscribers exactly what I endeavor to do:  Give you useful information to keep you up to date on the latest in cars, only she does it with technology and there is nobody who does it better.  Not sure how she puts out a top-notch newsletter seven days a week, but she does.

I reached out to her and asked if it would be OK to share information with you once a week with a tech tip, and she agreed.  I read her daily newsletter from top to bottom, and when I see info I think you could use, I will put it here to try to make life just a little better for you.

Here are some various tips I picked up from Kim’s newsletter this week I hope you find as useful as I did:

  • You have to be smarter than this: Over 10% of people still use 1234 as their four-digit PIN. Other most-used options include 1111, 0000, 1212 and 7777. If this is you, time for something more complex — and no, your birth year or address won’t cut it. On iPhone, upgrade to six digits. On Android, stick with your fingerprint if your phone has biometrics.
  • Is this the year AI totally changes music? Take Udio, founded by ex-Google employees and sitting on $10 million in funding. They’re cranking out tracks at insane speeds — 10 songs a second, or roughly 864,000 songs a day. If you want to try it, it’s open to the public, and you can create 1,200 free songs each month.
  • I told you about this a year ago: The FTC has issued a warning to automakers that sell connected cars. The message is essentially, “Respect data privacy and don’t monetize it.” Oh, like when General Motors sold drivers’ info to insurance companies, causing premiums to rise. News flash: Unless there’s a real penalty, they won’t stop.
  • Mow problems: Honda is recalling lawnmowers and pressure washers after nearly 5,000 reports of failures and 38 injuries. That means you if you have a model HRN216 or HRX217K6 lawnmower and/or a GCV170 or GCV200 G5B power washer. Stop using it immediately, then call Honda toll-free at 8888883139 for a free inspection and repair.

Kim’s website is and if you want to get her newsletter daily:  / Photo Credit: Kim Komando.

  On The Road: Test Drives  



Performance, handling and cool features galore! The 2024 Ford Mustang GT certainly has Jerry smiling.

Read Review →



The Rogue is already one of the most popular SUVs in America and Jerry couldn't be more impressed with the Platinum's new luxurious interior.

Read Review →



A luxury sports sedan that doesn't disappoint with its V8-powered performance. 

Read Review →


  Bumper to Bumper: Industry Newse

american-flag-austin-skyline-credit-shutterstock. (1)

AAA: Memorial Day Weekend Travel Forecast
Record road travel is expected for the holiday weekend.
Read more→

25 Most & 25 Least Likely Vehicles To Face Future Recalls

Read More →


Trade Association Campaigns Against Federal EV Mandate

Read More →


Details On Long-Awaited VW ID. Buzz Read More →


Kia Announces 2025 Sorento Hybrid Pricing

Read More →

  Weekly Recalls

  True Stories From A Former Car Dealer  

1997-ford-explorer-truestories-car-proA few years ago, I started writing a series of True Stories From A Former Car Dealer.  Over 40 weeks, I wrote about experiences I had from my days as a dealership owner.  Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry.  The reaction was beyond my wildest expectations.

For our new subscribers, and for those of you who may have missed one or perhaps simply forgotten the details, we’ll bring these to you in the order they were written.

In this episode, I tell you the headaches associated with the person who orders the vehicle inventory in a car dealership.  It is an awful job, but one I had for a lot of years.  Mistakes can be costly, and I learned that lesson the hard way. 

True Stories From a Former Car Dealer #21→

  Miss the Show? Catch Our Podcast!

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 12.22.29 AM

Catch all three hours of the CarPro Show national podcast!  You'll find them posted Saturday afternoon following the show. 

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  Factory Incentives


Check out our vehicle incentives and lease specials page for information on understanding incentives, plus links to every major manufacturer's incentive page for the latest offers by zip code.

Incentives By Automaker → 

  Sell Your Car Through GiveMeTheVin!

givemethevinlogoAs I say on the air, a car is only worth what someone is willing to write a check for, and KBB doesn't write checks. I have set up an affiliation with an online car buying service called Give that DOES write checks - and you'll get a firm offer in under two minutes.

The process is simple:  Put your vehicle info in a That alerts them you are a listener of mine.

Visit GiveMeTheVin→


  Exclusive Approved Products & Services

CarPro Radio Show host Jerry Reynolds can count the number of products he's endorsed on one hand. He's had many opportunities, but after much due diligence, he usually ends up saying no. 

Jerry won’t recommend a product or service unless he's tried it himself and feels good about recommending it.   

Here are the companies Jerry endorses and personally uses: jerry-approved-canvapro-march-31

FAQ: Research Your Questions Before You Shop

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 2.29.04 PM


Our FAQ page offers answers to questions CarPro Show host Jerry Reynolds is asked most frequently.   

Visit our FAQ Page →

  Searching for a New or Used Vehicle?

If you are searching for a particular new or used vehicle, we can help you!  The best news is, if you use CarPro to search, when you find the car of your dreams it will be at a CarPro approved dealership.Screen Shot 2023-07-13 at 9.41.44 AM

Best of all, it’s simple to use.  Choose new, used, or certified.  You can select the make and model, or find a price range you are looking at.  Choose the number of miles you are willing to travel and enter your zip code.

From there, you can look through all your matches, knowing you are shopping at a dealership I have handpicked that adheres to the high standards I require.

Start your search on the front page of If you don't find the car of your dreams, check back regularly.

    Videos of the Week


As the saying goes: “If it’s not your time, it’s not your time.”  Certainly, it was not this Oklahoma Trooper’s time.  The Trooper stopped an SUV, while the dashcam in his cruiser was rolling from behind.  Halfway through this :45 video a car crashes into the SUV.  Luckily, the Trooper was on the passenger side, not the driver’s side, or he would not be with us today.  Everyone was treated and released with minor injuries, which is hard to believe when you see this.



With all the buzz about the 60th anniversary Mustang, I offer you this video. What do you get if you mix the movie Field of Dreams, Steve McQueen and a vintage Mustang. Take a look.

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 Closing Message From Jerry Reynolds

Thank you for reading this edition of the CarPro Weekly, recommending it to your friends and family, and for listening to the CarPro Radio Show. 

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Until next week, stay safe, don't drink and drive, remember our Troops and public safety officers, and may God Bless.

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