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  • It's The Last Weekend of the Month

    It's The Last Weekend of the Month

    Here we are again, the end of the month!  We have seen some incentive enhancements this month, and things are heating up for a big finish to July.  That is always good news for people who are in the market to get a new or used set of wheels.  Although the month ends on Sunday, most of the incentives run through Monday, August 1st.

    The deals get better at month end, even when new vehicles are short in supply as they are now.  Dealers still can’t resist doing everything possible the last week of the month.  As you have heard me say, if you have a trade-in pull the trigger NOW,, I am seeing signs of used cars starting to drop.

    Yes, new car prices are up, but trade values are up more, so your net bottom line will likely be less than it was before the chip shortage started.  Just because a dealer’s lot looks empty, it doesn’t mean your dream vehicle isn’t on truck on the way.  Dealers have gotten really good at selling in-transit vehicles.

    To recap, the end of the month is always a good time to buy.  Use our dealers if possible, it helps our show AND will result in a better overall deal.  You’ll find them all under FIND YOUR CAR PRO DEALER at CarPro.com.

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