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  • Ford Named To 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

    Ford Named To 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

    Each week, our veteran radio news journalist, Laura Reynolds, brings interviews with top auto industry execs to CarPro. You can hear her latest Auto News shorts right here. In a hurry? Then you'll love these 1-2 minute interview segments.

    Segment Transcript


    Ford Social Sustainability ESG Analyst Michael Moore says Ford has been recognized by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index for programs that improve gender equality for the 5th year in a row. Moore explains what the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index looks at for in companies. Moore: "The GEI as we call it, the index tracks the performance of public companies committed to disclosing their efforts to support gender equality through policy development, representation, things like pay equity, culture and transparency. So basically it just comes down to kind of two things.  It's what are you willing to be transparent about and then you know based on the answers that you provide, how do they stack up. And so what they do is they have a certain threshold that you have to beat to even be included which I believe is now down to like 50 percent. So to be included means, it's a pretty big deal. Its not easy to get into the index. For more information on these and other stories visit CarProPro.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.   

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