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  • Ford Named To 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

    Ford Named To 2023 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index

    Each week, our veteran radio news journalist, Laura Reynolds, brings interviews with top auto industry execs to CarProUSA. You can hear her latest Auto News shorts right here. In a hurry? Then you'll love these 1-2 minute interview segments.

    Segment Transcript

    Ford Social Sustainability ESG Analyst Michael Moore says Ford has been recognized by the Bloomberg Gender Equality Listing for Ford’s transitional work arrangements and enhanced family assistance program that improve gender equality for the 5th year in a row. Moore says it’s all about attracting like-minded individuals. Moore: "You know just continuing to you know develop our talent and our talent search, our talent pipeline. Working on you know on staying focused on representation at all levels throughout the company all the way up to you know the board and by increasing you know that representation top to bottom you can kind of start to attract that better talent, because I always say when you see yourself in a company, what you identify yourself as is present where you work, you know you're more likely to want to be a part of that and to bring your true self and just be yourself and not worry about all the extra stuff and just get the job done and just put your best foot forward you know.”  For more information on these and other stories visit CarProPro.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.   

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