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  • 2023 FORD F-150 Lighting Pro SSV, America's First EV Police Pickup

    2023 FORD F-150 Lighting Pro SSV, America's First EV Police Pickup

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    Segment Transcript

     I’m Laura Reynolds with CarPro.com.  Ford Police Brand Marketing Manager Greg Ebel talks about the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro SSV, America’s first electric pickup truck designed for police. "While it's not a pursuit-rated vehicle it's kind of our first step you know working with law enforcement as agencies begin to pilot, right, all-electric vehicles. They begin to integrate them into specific use cases within their fleet just to understand how it's going to work and how it's going to benefit them. I mean the great thing about this truck, the Lightning Pro SSV, it really combines the benefits of an all-electric powertrain and a reduced total cost of ownership, so lowered costs in terms of you know fuel expenditures right you know because it's charging. You know the cost of electricity you know compared to these high fuel prices, that's a huge savings for law enforcement and that's passed down to you know their taxpayers, right, so and then also this field really incorporates a lot of great purpose-built content from the F-150 Police responder.” For more information on these and other vehicles, check out CarPro.com. With Today’s Auto News, I’m Laura Reynolds.   

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