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June 7, 2024

Dear CarPro Family,

As always, we hope you and yours are doing great and that your weather is cooperating with you.  We are back to a full-edition newsletter for you today and wow, we have a lot of useful stuff for you!   I also want to take this opportunity to welcome a new Houston station to the family. You can now catch all 3 hours of the national Car Pro Show Sundays on The Patriot 920 AM.  

We start with the May auto sales report from those car companies that report monthly.  We’ll look at second quarter full numbers in early July.  We continue our series Is Your Car Spying On You?  This is the story that just won’t die, and the problem gets worse the more we know.  There is also a car color analysis that is interesting, cars are not as colorful as they used to be.

Also, today I offer up advice to automakers about the plans that they have for electric cars, and I do not mince words.  I am confident this article will land on the desks of many automotive CEOs. I hope I will continue to get review cars after this, and I hope they’ll listen to the wise words of my dear departed father.

The Feds sue Hyundai over child labor laws in Alabama, which makes you wonder how in the world that happened.  We have info for you on a couple of new electric SUVs coming your way, and info on the new Acura MDXTexas and California have the sad record for the most unrepaired airbag recalls.  Is your car one of them?  We say goodbye to Bob Kelley of KBB fame. Don’t forget your raffle tickets to win a hot, new Corvette and help out Veterans, the deadline is quickly approaching.

Don’t miss Kim Komando’s very useful Tips of the Week.  This week America’s Digital Goddess offers up a lot of great tips, I picked a few I thought might be helpful or interesting.    I also encourage you to sign up for her informative and entertaining newsletter, I learned a lot of new things this week, and so will you! 

In reviews this week, I have two very different vehicles! The all-new 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser and the redesigned 2024 Subaru WRX.  Our Amy Plemons has for you the all-new 2025 Camry SE front-wheel drive, with the now standard equipped hybrid engine.  There is little doubt Camry will remain the #1 selling sedan in America.

In advice today, I have tips on collecting diminished value if you’ve been in a wreck that was not your fault. 

We have another True Story from a Former Car Dealer below.  This is a series of 40 stories written by me.  Some are really funny, some are incredibly sad.  I really peel back the curtain on my career highs and lows in the car business, and also share a lot of personal information.  I hope you’ll take a minute and read these each week, I truly believe you’ll enjoy them. #23 is titled: The Po-lice.  I share how I came to have so many friends that were officers, how I came to go to the police academy, and the story of a dear friend who tragically lost his life on duty.

Plus, lots of other information you will enjoy, including our videos of the week we talk about on the air all the time!  If you have never been to our FAQ page, take a minute and peruse the categories, something there will interest you for sure.

You’ll find the following stories and more info as you scroll down the newsletter: 


We so appreciate all of you who take this newsletter and listen to the show every week.  We know that without you, there is no Car Pro Radio Show.  So always let us know when we can help you. If you have not been there lately, take a look at our website,, it changes all the time!

Have a terrific week.  See you on the radio!

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  May U.S. Auto Sales 


U.S. automakers are heading into June on a high note, following a great sales month in May. Of automakers who report monthly, sales were up substantially. In fact, the seasonally adjusted sales rate in May topped 16 million for the first time this year.

Find out May's winners and losers →

  Straight Talk And Honest Answers

diminished-value-accident-shutterstockCarPro Advice: Collecting Diminished Value

If your vehicle is damaged in a car crash that's not your fault, here's what to know about collecting diminished value.

Read More→ 

  Advice To Automakers: Listen to My Dad


I offer auto advice to many, but this week I have some advice for car companies when it comes to their electric vehicle strategies: Listen to my Dad.  

Notably, Toyota gets my nod of approval for tiptoeing into the world of EVs by focusing its efforts on producing more hybrids and plug-in hybrids. Volkswagen also gets my thumbs up for delaying the introduction of its new all-electric sedan. However, what's happening at General Motors, Ford and Stellantis is another story.  If you know people at the automakers, pass this along to them.

Read my full commentary →

  Best Backtrack of the Week!

GM Chair & CEO Mary Barra addresses a gathering Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at the new GM Mountain View Office in Mountain View, CA. (Photo by Jim Gensheimer for GM)

Ironically, just a day after my commentary was published on our website Monday, this happened. General Motors CEO Mary Barra stood firm on the automaker's strategy to transition to electric vehicles even as some shareholders questioned market demand for the vehicles during GM's annual shareholder meeting Tuesday. Barra did say that "ultimately, the composition of GM's future vehicle lineup will be guided by customer demand." That appeared to be an easing of GM's previous stance that all of its new vehicles would be all-electric by 2035, but later in the day, a company spokesman said GM retains that goal.

  Update: Is Your Car Spying On You?

gm-onstar-ai-credit-gmWe’ve been bringing information to you for a while now, warning you about the information car companies are selling about your driving habits.  I find it to be deplorable, frankly. 

If you are a new subscriber, let’s get you up to speed:

  • We brought you this article first in late March following a New York Times article that exposed the issue: Read it here →
  • Then followed it up with this one about GM reversing course: Read it here →

This week, I want to follow that up by sharing interesting research published by the nonprofit Mozilla Foundation. 

Read the alarming research →

  Takata Alert: TX, CA Have Most Unrepaired Recalls

air-bag-exploding-recall-shutterstockA special alert for our subscribers and listeners in Texas and California. Those two states have the most unrepaired Takata air bag recalls, according to new data from CarFax. CarFax says its data shows that 10 years after the mandated safety recall began, more than six million vehicles still need their faulty air bags replaced. Of course, everyone needs to be vigilant about checking for a Takata air bag recall, no matter what state you live in.

As always, recalls do not cost any money to be repaired.  This is a very serious problem that can be life threatening.  If you are not sure if your vehicle needs this free repair, get your 17-digit VIN, make sure it is exactly duplicated, and enter it on the NTHSA's recall website here. Also, check our special Takata airbag section at

See more CarFax data

   U.S. Sues Hyundai Over Child Labor Laws in Alabama 

hyundai-motor-america-2014-credit-hyundai-2South Korean auto giant Hyundai is being sued by the U.S. federal government over child labor laws in the state of Alabama.  In a press release, the U.S. Department of Labor alleges that a Hyundai assembly and manufacturing plant is one of three companies that jointly employed a child who worked up to 60 hours a week on an assembly line, operating machines that formed sheet metal into auto body parts. 

Hyundai responded to the complaint with a statement shared with various media, reading in part: "The use of child labor, and breach of any labor law, is not consistent with the standards and values we hold ourselves to as a company."  The automaker further stated: "We worked over many months to thoroughly investigate this issue and took immediate and extensive remedial measures."

Read more here →

   Enter To Win This 'Vette And Help Veterans!


The FINAL | Vehicle For Good “Corvette For Vets” sweepstakes DOUBLER WEEKEND is on! Right now, every $10 entry gets you DOUBLE THE CHANCES to win a 2024 Corvette Stingray 3LT Z51 – and you know it’s RED! You’ll also win $10,000 in cash! Roll Call of North Texas & Veterans Freedom Retreat will directly benefit every time you enter! BONUS: Your entries are TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! Enter as many times as you like before June 12th!


DISCLAIMER: No purchase necessary to enter or win. Sweepstakes ends July 5th, 2024. Open to legal residents of the United States, EXCLUDING THE STATE OF NEW YORK OR WHERE PROHIBITED. Must be 18 years of age at the time of entry. See the official rules for more.   

   Kim Komando's Useful Tips Of The Week 

Besides the Car Pro Show and our weekly newsletter, my other favorite radio show and newsletter is Kim Komando’s.  We are on many of the same radio stations across America.  She does for her listeners and newsletter subscribers exactly what I endeavor to do:  Give you useful information to keep you up to date on the latest in cars, only she does it with technology and there is nobody who does it better.  Not sure how she puts out a top-notch newsletter seven days a week, but she does.

I reached out to her and asked if it would be OK to share information with you once a week with a tech tip, and she agreed.  I read her daily newsletter from top to bottom, and when I see info I think you could use, I will put it here to try to make life just a little better for you.

Here are some various tips I picked up from Kim’s newsletter this week I hope you find as useful as I did:


  • Burning rubber: This class-action lawsuit alleges some Kia vehicles are defective, causing engine problems like stalling, failure and, yep, “possible engine fire.” Lease or buy one? Select 2010-2020 Kia makes and models may be eligible for reimbursement of bills like repairs, and cash compensation or warranty extension. File a claim here by July 8.
  • More for Hyundai owners: Remember the news about Kias and Hyundais getting stolen more than other cars? A bunch of cheaper makes and models are also missing the security tech that stops the cars from starting without the right key. Thieves started sharing how-to videos on social media, and now, Hyundai is settling to the tune of $145 million. You have plenty of time to file a claim — up to Jan. 11, 2025.
  • Who’s in your doc’s pocket? Worried your doctor might not be giving you impartial advice because they’re getting paid by Big Pharma? Look up your doc in this government database (U.S. only) and see which companies are giving them money. That includes celebrity docs, too!
  • 20% of crashed cars are totaled outOne in five seen by an adjuster is deemed too expensive to fix. That’s five times higher than in the 1980s. Why? Today’s high-tech lighting and sensors, pricey airbags, and fancy materials add up fast.
  • Tap and go: Use your phone’s electronic wallet app at the gas pump. All you have to do is tap your phone on the reader to pay. This way, you won’t have to worry about card skimmers at the pump stealing from you.

  On The Road: Test Drives  



Jerry says the long-awaited all-new Toyota Land Cruiser was well worth the wait! 

Read Review →

2024-subaru-wrx-tail-end (1)


A wonderfully engineered car with fun-to-drive handling will make driver enthusiasts happy.

Read Review →



The all-new 2025 Camry gets a fantastic new hybrid-only powertrain, along with Toyota's latest tech updates.

Read Review →

  Bumper to Bumper: Industry Newse


Jeep Introduces First All-Electric Wagoneer
The 2024 Wagoneer S arrives in the U.S. this fall.
Read more→

Study: Cars Are Half As Colorful As 20 Years Ago

Read More →


Rest In Peace: Bob Kelley, Former Publisher of KBB 

Read More →


2025 Acura MDX Arrives With Great Updates

Read More →


Cadillac Introduces New 2025 Optiq EV

Read More →

2024-kia-soul-credit-kia (1)
U.S. News 2024 Best Cars For Teens 
The 2024 Kia Soul is one of eight models on the new vehicle list.
Read more→

  Weekly Recalls

  True Stories From A Former Car Dealer  

shutterstock_police_badgeA few years ago, I started writing a series of True Stories From A Former Car Dealer.  Over 40 weeks, I wrote about experiences I had from my days as a dealership owner.  Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry.  The reaction was beyond my wildest expectations.

For our new subscribers, and for those of you who may have missed one or perhaps simply forgotten the details, we’ll bring these to you in the order they were written.

In this episode, I tell you how I came to join the Dallas Police Department, how I got involved in a Dallas-wide referendum on a police pay raise, and how I lost a dear friend at the hands of some savage killers. 

True Stories From a Former Car Dealer #23 →

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  Factory Incentives


Check out our vehicle incentives and lease specials page for information on understanding incentives, plus links to every major manufacturer's incentive page for the latest offers by zip code.

Incentives By Automaker → 

  Sell Your Car Through GiveMeTheVin!

givemethevinlogoAs I say on the air, a car is only worth what someone is willing to write a check for, and KBB doesn't write checks. I have set up an affiliation with an online car buying service called Give that DOES write checks - and you'll get a firm offer in under two minutes.

The process is simple:  Put your vehicle info in a That alerts them you are a listener of mine.

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  Exclusive Approved Products & Services

CarPro Radio Show host Jerry Reynolds can count the number of products he's endorsed on one hand. He's had many opportunities, but after much due diligence, he usually ends up saying no. 

Jerry won’t recommend a product or service unless he's tried it himself and feels good about recommending it.   

Here are the companies Jerry endorses and personally uses: jerry-approved-canvapro-march-31

FAQ: Research Your Questions Before You Shop

Screen Shot 2023-10-05 at 2.29.04 PM


Our FAQ page offers answers to questions CarPro Show host Jerry Reynolds is asked most frequently.   

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If you are searching for a particular new or used vehicle, we can help you!  The best news is, if you use CarPro to search, when you find the car of your dreams it will be at a CarPro approved dealership.Screen Shot 2023-07-13 at 9.41.44 AM

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From there, you can look through all your matches, knowing you are shopping at a dealership I have handpicked that adheres to the high standards I require.

Start your search on the front page of If you don't find the car of your dreams, check back regularly.

  Classic Car Contest: Win An AutoHeatShield!

contest-winner-jun-7-kim-foster-1We have had a lot of fun with our classic car contest on the Car Pro Show Facebook page. Kevin posts the photo of a classic vehicle every Saturday morning, and we invite people to guess the year, make, and model.  The prize: An Auto HeatShield! Official rules 

CarPro listeners receive a 10% AutoHeatShield discount with the code "CarPro10". 

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   Videos of the Week


Man, have times changed.  Dodge took this commercial for the new 1970 Dodge Charger off the air because people complained it was too “suggestive.”  Maybe it was 54-years ago, but I personally found it to be hilarious!  Take a look at this under one-minute video and see what you think!


Do you laugh at dad jokes?  This video will have you howling. The first joke’s question is… What do the movies 6th Sense and the Titanic have in common? Click on the video above to find out…..and you might be hooked!

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